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Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers: Can't be beat

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by djorijun, Jun 10, 2010.

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    Dec 31, 2009
    I really like ringtones and wallpapers but I hate having to make them myself. I searched high and low through the Marketplace for a good ringtone and wallpaper app only to have to download two separate applications. Of course this was uncalled for, until I was introduced to Zedge. This application tops the cake when it comes to an application that offers both ringtones and wallpapers in the same place.

    First things first, this program backs up any settings or wallpapers and ringtones you may have downloaded previously. I've wiped my phone several times and the program seems to remember everything I've downloaded without using a username and password.

    As you can see the homepage shows you Wallpaper/Ringtones and to the right you can see how many items are available. When you have entered the Wallpaper/Ringtones section by default you are shown the "Featured" items. If you're not interested in these you can always click on the icon to the upper right hand corner and change the order by "Downloads all time, Downloads last week, Downloads last month and Newest" The choice is yours.

    The downloads section lets you view any and all content that you have downloaded in the past or recently, if for some reason you seemed to have misplaced your favorite ringtone or wallpaper. This is a great feature since this has happened to me several times.

    There are times that you are browsing and don't really feel like downloading the wallpaper/ringtone because you may find something cooler later on. Well this application allows you to click a little heart located on each wallpaper or ringtone. After you've clicked on this heart, you will be able to go back to the ones you've favorited by simply clicking on Favorites at the bottom bar. This is by far my favorite feature.

    After you've decided on which wallpaper or ringtone you like you can click on the download button. This will download the wallpaper to your SD Card, you will see a notification in the notifications bar and you can either continue searching and downloading or set the wallpaper or ringtone straight from the application. Note as you can see from the screenshot provided, when setting a ringtone you are prompted to set as a "Default, Contact, Notification and Alarm sound" This is what makes this application so great. No need to exit, just continue on your merry way.

    In the end after testing many of these Ringtone/Wallpaper applications this has been the best for me and many of my friends. Everyone I know has an Android device and after they've tried "the other guys" this ends up being their favorite as well.

    Pros: AMAZING
    Cons: Needs set as option for wallpapers, meaning set as Lock Screen or Main Screen.


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