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Zeki TBDG1073B freezes at factory reset

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Cheap Zeki, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. Cheap Zeki

    Cheap Zeki Guest
    Thread Starter

    I have a Zeki 8 " which appears to be cheap as hell. It was givin to me because it had an infinite boot on the android screen so I figured if I factory rest the thing it would pop back up but when I boot it into recovery and start the process it freezes on formatting data.

    Normally with most devices I would say its F'd but I was wondering if the guru's of android would know of an alternative. Maybe flashing with Custom Firmware or trying to put original system files back in place would do it but im not sure. If anyone could help me figure out what to do with this thing.

    Im about ready to take it apart and play with components but not if its salvageable

    Any thought?

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  2. shosta

    shosta Lurker

    Mines doing the same thing, and I can' get any help either. Your right doe we half to reinstall the is file some type of way, I'm going to try and find it online...let me know if you figure it out.
  3. Joseph175

    Joseph175 Lurker

    I have a Zeki TBDG1073B Tablet that was stuck on the android screen. The reset button dont work. I was able to reset my tablet to factory settings by pressing volume up and power till ZIKI Screen appears and the release both buttons. In about 10 seconds the factory reset screen appears. You are now able to reset tablet to factory settings and then reboot.
  4. EEMiller

    EEMiller Lurker

    My tablet just froze on the factory reset screen as well. Have you found a solution yet?

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