Zero Dark Thirty


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It is exactly 10:20 pm pacific standard time. Los Angeles, California. Amc theaters. Forth row from the top. Few folks. Late showing. 01/4/13. I am about a watch a film that was released early for certain theaters. Not sure why but the movie will be released on the 11th. I am curious as to if the movie will be good or not. I have no high or low expectations to it. As always if a movie is good, i will be pleased. If not. Blows cause money spent. This movie has stirred minor arguments amongst certain politicians. It seems the movie shows certain happenings that did not happen. Whether they did or didn't i will say this folks. IT'S A FRIKAN MOVIE!!!! It is for your entertainment. I would like to see what you think if you get to or not see it though. I will leave my opinion once i've seen it.....;-)


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Welp, I rather enjoyed this movie. Very suspenseful. Not so action packed. I thought it would be something like Act Of Valor but, nope. Something along the lines of The Kingdom with jamie fox and The Green Zone with matt damon. Weird though, by movies' end you would've thought there would be an applause but there wasn't. I applauded in my mind..... Lol


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I haven't seen it, but I've certainly heard a lot about complaints it's generated from various people. Like you said, it's a movie! Not only that, but it's a FICTIONAL movie. So get over it, folks. :eek:

BTW, every time I hear its title it reminds me of my best friend. She's a retired Marine and uses the term 'zero dark thirty' all the time to refer to middle of the night times. :)


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Can't wait to see it. It's supposed to be really intense. I don't know if I would call it fictional, but of course there is going to be some artistic license taken.