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Zerolemon 10K Battery Case

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by marctronixx, Sep 19, 2020.

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    I have used Zerolemon's battery cases for years. I am a Galaxy Note series user.
    The Note is a powerful device and oftentimes I am out in the wild with no access to shore power.

    That's where this case comes in.

    I only get the 10K cases and, despite the bulk, I can continue to use my Note 20 in max performance mode out on locations with no worries about losing power. I was able to squeeze about 2 full charges and had some residual charge left to get me back to about 43%. This is with discharging the battery down to less than 10% (usually I would charge at 9%).

    The older cases did not allow DEX mode, but with the Note 20 Ultra 5G, you can use DEX wirelessly.
    I was able to use wired headphones (AKG N90Q) and still able to wireless charge.
    Build quality on the case is what you expect from Zerolemon: Top rate. The rubber is grippy and protects the rear cameras. The case also provides some safety for the front screen.

    I received the case with one led lit. All leds were lit in about ~2.5-3 hours. the power button on the Note 10+ last year was really sensitive in that you could turn it on inadvertently. With this years model for the 20 Ultra, the buttons has been more like it was on the Note 9.. it was not as easy to press.

    Mounting the phone in the case is straightforward, and I have it down to a science.

    Bonus - the Note 10+ belt clip case works with this years case! I have attached a photo showing the belt case from the Note 10+ with the 20 Ultra in it. The only way to get this to work is to have the phones screen faced into the case, so if you still have the belt clip, you can use it that way or have it as a stop gap until Zerolemon comes out with the proper one.

    Caveats is the case does not allow super fast charging. This is known from the description so it is not a shock. The other caveat is bulk - if this is an issue for some, the 5K case is a good alternative.

    In closing, I've used these cases for years on a few Note series devices. This is my first must have accessory when I get the Note.

    Now, only if they can make one for the Z Fold2 5G.... :)

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