Zio vs Intercept?


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Has anyone compared the Zio to the Intercept? If so what do you think?



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I only played with one briefly in store, but I kind of liked it. It's relatively light (was attached to anti theft sled) and compact. The display is much better than the intercepts in both size and resolution. 3.5" is the bare minimum I find acceptable for on screen keyboards and even then only for those who aren't frequent texters. The touchscreen wasn't as sensitive as I would like and Sprint ID is total crapware that I would remove as soon as root is achieved IMHO. From that brief encounter, the only way I would get the Intercept over the Zio was if I must have a keyboard and even then, I would spend the extra $50 and get a Transform. Between the Zio and Transform, it comes down to size, performance, keyboard and $50. I would prefer to see more real user reviews before I made that choice.


I had the Zio first before the Intercept.. The ui has a lot of lag. You would move your finger and 2 sec. later it would move.. i would say intercept all the way between the both.