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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by davidmargolin, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    I would have answered sooner...but work is a cruel mistress. Confirmed as working. I can't believe I didn't look in the build.prop...I over analyzed it as always. Thank you krowley!


  2. OGWillikers

    OGWillikers Member

    If you use a different SMS app such as Chomp SMS, they'll display in that app fine. That's what I ended up doing since I can't see MMS messages from my friend with an iPhone 4S on AT&T, if it's a group message.

    EDIT: Clicked quote on wrong post; fixed. Edited again to add details of what images don't show for me.
  3. davidmargolin

    davidmargolin Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    op has been updated
    - Now has a 'rom specific zip' section for rom specific files...
    for now it has miui and slim bean.. if i have missed any, just reply with or pm me the link

    - For those that care, I have been working on bringing back the themes and making a new one but time and life have not been my friends

    - Also added the wierd sprint picture thing to the bugs list

    this is also a good time to point out that i prob had the least to do with the development of these fixes.
    At this point im just keeping the op updated...
    If any1 who was involved in this fix feels that the need to start their own thread, they have my full 'go ahead'..
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  4. droiddekka

    droiddekka Well-Known Member

    Thank you sir for all your time and effort on this!
  5. ramjet73

    ramjet73 Android Expert

    Someone should let mazda know that change fixed MMS on SlimBean. I'm sure he would appreciate it and the build.prop changes with each release so it would be a hassle to maintain that fix.

  6. krowley3

    krowley3 Well-Known Member

    The build.prop was the only change that I made from the other CM10/AOKP MMS flashable zip. I thought I put that in the post on XDA, but I will double check it. I will not have any time for the next few days, some hopefully, we are now rolling ok on every AOSP rom. At least we have a flashable fix for each of them at this point.

    Evervolv 4.2
  7. ramjet73

    ramjet73 Android Expert

    Yes, I understood that, but what I meant is that the build.prop file changes with each release for at least the version and build date and possibly other values if mazda fixes something. Since you are replacing rather than editing the build.prop file in the fix zip for SlimBean it can only be used for one version, and someone would have to update the zip file with the new build.prop every time a new build is released.

    Hopefully mazda will incorporate the build.prop changes into the next version so the fix won't be necessary for Sprint users and the build.prop file can be removed from the VM version. Otherwise, the changes could be done as an edit in a script rather than a total replacement of that file.

    Edit: There's a post in the SlimBean thread on XDA where neogenx says flashing the MMS fix zip reverted his dpi density back to the default. That makes sense because it and other system parameters are stored there, which is why concatenating new parameters via an edit script is recommended over completely replacing build.prop.

  8. krowley3

    krowley3 Well-Known Member

    You make some very valid points that I did not think of. That is why I put the only thing I changed in the post. I have no idea about how to make a script to do that, that is way out of my league. Hopefully he will incorporate the fix so we can just use the same flash for all AOSP roms except Evervolv 4.2.
  9. ramjet73

    ramjet73 Android Expert

    I have a script that edits the build.prop file in the updater-script that can be modified for those parameters if needed, but hopefully mazda will incorporate them in the next release so that's not necessary.

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  10. wigginst

    wigginst Android Expert

    Am I missing something? I flashed the slim bean zip but the mms app still doesn't send. Can send with mysms though.
  11. Member717347

    Member717347 Guest

    Before u flash erase your mms app in system then after flash wipe dalvik /cache.. Mms is working great for me.. Note= sending and receiving mms seems to take a bit longer on this rom.. Give it time..
  12. wigginst

    wigginst Android Expert

    That is what I did and 12 hours later the text still says sending.
  13. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

    Hey Prinny....

    MUCH THANKS to you! From a Samsung Galaxy S2 user..
    for helping is fix MMS on ParanoidAndroid. Thanks for letting us use up some of the thread here ;)

    You're awesome! :D
  14. jjohn7293

    jjohn7293 Android Enthusiast

    HeyI couldn't get this to work on miui. Even changed build prop tovm
  15. Member717347

    Member717347 Guest

    I didn't see anything in the op that says to change build prop..
  16. cocheese101

    cocheese101 Newbie

    The miui zip is for the jelly bean version, not ICS
  17. jjohn7293

    jjohn7293 Android Enthusiast

    How can it be made to work with ICS???
  18. minikirchner

    minikirchner Well-Known Member

    I can confirm this works with Go SMS Pro if you clear out the custom settings for MMS in the app. Just worked perfectly.
  19. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    I've tried it. I had flashed it and downloaded go SMS pro and didn't set custom settings. Didn't work for me. Can you explain a little more?
  20. minikirchner

    minikirchner Well-Known Member

    I flashed the zip. Checked APNs to make sure it was correct. In Go SMS under MMS settings make sure everything is unchecked. Hit make MMS auto-retrieve. I raised the minimum size to 1MB.

    My mom sent me a picture. Went into it and hit download and it came through. I also had a friend send a picture and it came through without me hitting download. Either way, seems to be working for me.

    Edit: Also wifi was on and connected while doing this.
  21. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    Huh. Still no dice for me. I tried both manually inputting settings, and making sure settings were cleared. It shows the picture as sent, but I never receive it. Hrm.
  22. Mook663

    Mook663 Newbie

    Having an issue with receiving on 3.5.2 AOKP. I have a message thread going, and when they send an MMS it shows up as a new message thread that appears to be a forwarded message from my own number. I've read through the thread and couldn't figure out if anybody else had this issue.

    I'm using the latest Stock MMS zip from the OP (CM10 +cache). Tried just about every install method, and just looking for some advice before I do a complete reinstall of aokp to start from scratch.

    I am actually receiving the picture, but just in a strange way. Have a screencap link below.

    Screenshot of what I'm seeing
  23. droiddekka

    droiddekka Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem on the same ROM

    it'a a known issue, I think. Hopefully it will be ironed out in the future.
  24. droiddekka

    droiddekka Well-Known Member

    also: when trying to select multiple threads for deletion they do not highlight properly.

    this would be on the "dark theme" apk

    is anyone interested and capable of applying these fixes to the cm10/aokp mms? preferably inverted...right now this is the one glaring inconsistency of my rom's setup.
  25. nsciucco

    nsciucco Android Expert

    I am getting a reply message to myself when I respond to a MMS message. I am on Mazda's AOKP.

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