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Zizo Bolt Vs Otterbox Defender

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by tyrantblade, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. tyrantblade

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    Aug 13, 2016

    Aug 13, 2016
    My Zizo Bolt cases came in the mail today, below are my observations and opinions.

    1. Very nice packaging, i would say on par with what you get with an Otterbox.

    2. Visually i think the Zizo Bolt series looks nicer (really cool cutouts at the back for your camera/camera lenses), and the layering of color is really nice (hard parts are one color, softer parts are another, you choose when buying the case)

    3. Both feel nice and easy to grip.

    Now where things differ further is the Zizo Bolt has more hard material on the outside of the case and its not really multiple layers, more of two parts that fit together to protect the phone.

    There is no built in screen protector, but you get a glass screen protector when you order the case, as well as a phone holster with a belt clip and a Lanyard to attatch to the phone (on the upper left corner of the case) by 1 of 2 different methods, if you like

    1. By a little 2 part clasp with a spring between the two parts.

    2. By a ring.

    Now heres a few things you may notice if you buy more than one Zizo Bolt case

    1. The phone holster with belt clips appears to be made in 2 designs, one nicer and one more basic

    2. The softer parts of the case appear to not always be the same stiffness, 1 of my 2 cases was made with a slightly stiffer "soft" material, hard to press buttons; but it came with the nicer phone holster and belt clip.

    So in conclusion; i would say the Otterbox Defender is the safer bet, no need to fool around with a separate screen protector, button pushers seem always right (in my experience) with the Otterbox Defender, it appears to be engineered to be friendly to put your phone in and use.

    But as far as actually quality feel and protection, i cant knock the Zizo Bolt, and the cost was quite a bit less than an Otterbox Defender typically costs (you can get 3 Zizo Bolts for less than Otterbox Defender retail, and you might get an equally good case, only thing i didn't like was the stiffness of the buttons on one of my Zizo Bolts and the phone holster with belt clip, on the other, both were better, as good as an Otterbox Defender)

    Feel free to ask any questions you have and i will answer them as best as i can.


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