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Zmax wont turn on or charge

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cjoiner9656, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. cjoiner9656

    cjoiner9656 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So i am lost hopefully someone here can help the other day the phone was pretty much fully charged 90% to be exact i lut it into my pocket for a moment literally less then 3 minutes it had a black screen will not hard reset wont charge nothing any recommendations to fix this or is it a laper weight now? It has been like this for a week will not power on at all

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    ZMAX4EVER Well-Known Member

    Hold the power button down for a very long time. Like 2 minutes. For some reason (after the last update) like once a month my ZMAX just shuts off. Holding the power button down for a really long time seems to get it to boot. If that doesn't work... plug the power in and hold the power down for a minute or two.
  3. Chris joiner

    Chris joiner Lurker

    thanks I'll give that try
  4. Chris joiner

    Chris joiner Lurker

    didn't work unfortunately

    ZMAX4EVER Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry, maybe someone else here has a suggestion?

    Try plugging it into the USB port on a computer to see see if it charges, powers up, is recognized by the PC, etc?
  6. dedbunny

    dedbunny Newbie

    Mine will do this about every other week. If I hold down power and volume down until it does a brief vibration and let go it will power back on. Hope that helps.
  7. asianrocker

    asianrocker Android Enthusiast

    Put it in the fridge. I have resurrected my zombie tablet that way loads of times.
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  8. Thunderbeadz

    Thunderbeadz Lurker

    I just had the same issue with my ZTE BladeX X Max Z983, it would not power on at all. I tried different chargers and USB type C cables with no luck. Even looked in the port to see if there was any debris. Plugged the device into 3 different computers each with another O.S. (Windows 7 Ult, OSX and a Linux distro with no luck. No device would recognize my phone.

    The Fix, I held my power button down for a very long time until my phone vibrated... Boot splash came up and the device was working fine. I don't know why it happened. I cant replicate the issue, I just know that there was no display whilst charging the device and the home button wouldn't illuminate either.
  9. Daniel661G

    Daniel661G Lurker

  10. Daniel661G

    Daniel661G Lurker

    Did you have the phone charging while doing this ?
  11. Thunderbeadz

    Thunderbeadz Lurker

    Yes, I made sure the device was plugged in to a wall charger.
  12. So I had the same problem with my Zte Max Xl going black screen. I plugged it up to my desktop and I held the power button for a long time. My home button started to glow like it does when its charging. As soon as I let go it stops. It starts back if I hold it down again but it won't turn on. Any suggestions? For now Im going to attempt using a piece of scotch tape to hold the power button.
  13. bcrichster

    bcrichster ROMinator

    Yes, but you won't like it: Ya need a new device..
    I was a big fan of ZTE devices as they had great hardware and shitty (but fixable) software. Now everything is cheap, horribly done and everything is so locked down that it isn't worth the time of day. They stalk us in the forums and then close all the exploits we use for access. Just get a better device that can be modified at will and/or install custom software like the Motorola's E4 Plus ($68 Boost Mobile) because we can likely fix anything that isn't a mechanical or hardware issue... At least any one but a Verizon Carrier as they'll always be last the update anything for anyone. I've built quite a few ROMs for that device and they all have excellent capabilities
  14. Andrew Holt

    Andrew Holt Lurker

    So I'm having a similar problem. Well my wife is. She had her phone siitision arm of couch and went into kitchen. She came back and some how her phone fell to ground. It cracked her screen and the screen was frozif on her Facebook page. I tried messing with it holding down power and volume down button. Holding all three buttons volume up,down,and power button. Still nothing. Then I noticed the phone screen went black. Tried everything I read on internet but nothing works. Still balck. We plug it in and don't even show it's charging. Does anyone know what I can do to get my wife's phone back on? I can't afford to get her a new phone till payday. Please someone help me get her phone on.
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