Zooming in on pictures


Just got the phone and so far I love it. However, on the iPhone, you could pinch the screen and zoom in or out of pictures. Can't seem to do that on this phone.

Any thoughts?


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Are you talking about pictures in the gallery, on a browser, or another app?

You should be able to use pinch to zoom on gallery pictures and web pages. Other apps with pictures (like Facebook for example) would be dependent on that app.


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Hey there. Thanks for the question. It does work for gallery shots. I meant to say when I get pics within a text message (MMS). Those I can't zoom in on. I could on my iPhone. Just wondering if this is an android thing?


Its just a thing for this phone I think. I have had other android and this was never a problem. It is real annoying.

One thing you can do is save the picture, then you can open in your gallery and zoom in on it