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Support zt180 10inch epad questions?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gp1953, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. gp1953

    gp1953 Lurker
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    I am looking for some answers and I hope this is the right place to post it. To begin with I am a total newbie to the tablet but not to pc's. I bought a zt180 second hand with no owners guide. When I first got it I put a 32gb micro drive in it and it got real hot so I removed it and do not know if the port is now fried. So any and all up grades will have to be by thumb drive or usb to pc. I do not know what version of firmware it has it is a 10 inch with 256meg of ram 1gig total memory. Her is what I am wanting to do find out what version of frimware it is running and then update it to the latest version.Besides all that I need a good ownersmanual for it which did not come with it to help answer some of my basic question. And if possible I need someone to take a newbie under their wing to answaer questions from a newbie who be pest. I know that all of you were not born with the knowledge on this device and you were in my place at sometine in your life. So please take that into consideration when steping up to be a tutor to a newbie. Youdon't need to be my tutor to answer the questions I have asked so far so if you are not willing to be a tutor please don't let that hold you back in answering the basic question I have asked so far.
    thank in advance.


  2. gewhitt1

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    Did the port get hot or the back of the device get hot? older zenithink zt-180 have problems with the wifi in the device getting hot, and upgrade can take care of that problem, if it's the sd chip, the only thing is the card mite be to big? mite try a 8gig card (alot of apps store data on the sd card, some apps won't install unless theres an sd card) Hope this helps

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