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Zte Blade G Pro | Wiping Data - Mount /data Error

Discussion in 'ZTE' started by p8nico, Feb 23, 2016.

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    Hello such, I am new to the forum so that means I'm lost ... I've been researching for 3 days to see if I could come up with the solution, but I gave up and turn to the forums and user experiences.

    (Sorry for the bad syntax, I'm bad with the language and am using the google translator)

    ZTE blade G have a pro (think q The model also appears as v829) ... while you are having trouble, it turns itself appear strange letters in Chinese and to retrieve it have to do a wipe ...

    but the problem the last time the hard wipe me one day .... When it was about to drain the battery started to pull me errors in applications and could not open anything ...

    try restarting it gave me a message "error encryption" ... I had never been anything like asiq decided to search the web and said q q had to do a hard reset.

    * I do wipe cache partition
    * I do wipe data / factory reset

    and I here appears "wiping data ... mount / data error.


    I have no rooted mobile or anything like that, it's a common user q did not modify the same.

    I saw out there to work with fastboot or sdflashtool or adbtools ... but the fact that with these programs means'm lost q xq failed to make the pc connect to mobile or not understand how to work with these programs ...

    In short, if someone could guide me a little as follow would appreciate, thank you, greetings.

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