Oct 30, 2012
So i am going to buy a zte flash a new one so can fix my bricked one and if im able to fix i will upload the dead boot fix for this device and i will be using the one i fix as a testing phone and my other as a personal one wish me luck :)
BEST of luck. If need anything let me know :)

I will be glad to help you out..

I dont own this bish, but i like it.. ..
I own zte vital..
will do phone be her next week tho lol and if anyone else has dead boot and this works i will upload a thread :)
When you press both volume keys and power. IT goes in download mode. and in qpst i seen debug app do a backup which is around 1gb.. There are chances.. :D

Best of luck.
i cant boot up into system or ftm or boot loader but developers said this mode is for flashing boot loaders but i cant find the right file