Help zte force speed up

Is there a way I can improve the cpu performance/free up some ram? All of the task killers I've seen use too much ram as it is. Are there any preloaded apps I can uninstall without screwing up my phone? It is a great phone for the $150 l paid for it by the way.


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Task Killers have been known to be another app running in the background for no reason so you have to terminate it too after you use it. Your best to uninstall most unwanted apps. If you are rooted then install a removal app. Ther be many things you can remove, so far I have removed the following apps;
Key Chain
Sprint Zone
Self Service
Sprint Permissions
Sprint Touch Management
Touch Pal Spanish
Sprint Installer
Media Share
Market Feedback
Sprint ID
Google Play Movies
Google Play Music
Google Play Books
Google Play Magazines

With no Ill affects

You can also stop the Google play from updating in the menu. Got sick of it updating the same apps every day.


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Thanks. I'm afraid to root my phone as of yet and I have uninstalled some of those apps already and will do some more uninstalling.