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ZTE Merit - Z990G - not receiving sms, please help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by leewilson404, Jul 30, 2013.

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    ZTE Merit - Z990G - not receiving sms, please help

    everything else works flawlessly (mms both ways, web, sms send)

    This issue, which began a couple of weeks ago, and the lack of customer service of straight talk led me to these forums. And now I have successfully rooted my phone and and currently using stayboogy's blue steel 2.0.777.

    When the issue first began on the stock phone I search around trying to find a solution.

    I installed GoSms pro ... no dice

    Then I used the ST forums and eventually factory reset the phone, which temporarily corrected the problem. I reinstalled Gosms pro hoping that would prevent a future problem. The issue reoccurred around 2 days later.

    I then rooted the phone hoping that would solve the problem...no dice.

    Another factory reset and flashed stock merit rooted...no dice.

    I then flashed stayboogy's latest rom...no dice.

    Have cleared the messaging cache...no dice.

    Have installed History Eraser and History Eraser + and deleted all sms messages sent, received, draft and failed...no dice.

    EDIT: All APN info is correct. Also message service center number is correct.

    Any and all help or experience is greatly appreciated.
    These forums have been great for newbie like me.

    (Some more history that may be of concern or not. I originally bought the Z990G and sim card through straight talk (which is actually made by tracfone) and ported my att gophone number to it) around a year ago. A couple of months after that the phone was destroyed, but the sim card was ok. I went to buy another Z990G by straight talk. They were sold out so I bought one by Net 10 with the same tracfone logo on the front as the straight talk. I put my sim in, powered up and everything was great for 11 months then this problem surfaced)

  2. I do too I can call and send but not receive any and this started yesterday at 2

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