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ZTE n762 - Randomly increasing internal storage use

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bubkusjones, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. bubkusjones

    bubkusjones Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Got my phone a week ago. It's nothing fancy, comes with a slim 162mb of internal storage (it was $60, I'm not going to complain), and a 2gig sd card (upgradable to 32).

    I seem to be making quick use of that internal space, despite moving as much as I can to the SD Card. When I first got it, I spent a few days just going crazy, trying different apps and seeing exactly what I could do with it. Then I did a factory reset and started from scratch, this time just trying to limit it to stuff I'd actually use.

    On the factory reset, it was using only 30-35 megs (leaving about 130 free). As of last night, I had a comfortable 40 megs free. I go to check a text message a couple minutes ago and I'm now at 16 megs free, and getting a "Low On Space" warning.

    Any app (save for the tiny widgets I use for a battery monitor and to enable/disable wifi and data plans) I can move to the SD card, is on the SD card.

    I'd like to remove some of the bundled apps (Docs To Go and the service provider's wifi app), as they seem to be some of the biggest apps on the phone, but I'd need to root my phone for that, right? From what I can tell, that's currently not possible (I've tried every established method/utility I could find, SuperOneClick gives me a "The following devices to not have drivers installed..." message, and then hangs on step #7 for a while before failing).

    Basically, I'm just wondering if there's anything I should be doing to make the most of my limited space, what I can do to get rid of unnecessary data (or if someone has experience with rooting this phone).

    Thanks, guys.

    Edit:: Just powered my phone off and started it back up and now I'm using less than 60mb.......

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  2. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Android Expert

    ya man i can help you root it make it run faster and i made a rom for it... its not deodexed but its a nice package...gimme a couple of minutes to get the links together...
  3. Mastercuz

    Mastercuz Lurker

    If i have already the b08 version, i dont have to update it right?
    And my other question is how do i install ClockWorkEasy on my phone?
    Cant figure out where is the root of SD card when the phone is plug in and accessing it via windows explorer?!
    Merci en avance!
  4. Mastercuz

    Mastercuz Lurker

    I've put the image folder of ClockworkEasy in the root of SD booted by pressing home+volup+power started to install file 18% error tried 2 times after stoped at 3 % and now my phone wont boot up at all, only red arrow is showing...
    Anybody could help?
  5. Aleeeem

    Aleeeem Newbie

    This week public mobile released a new update software version b10. It has a fix for this and unsent text msgs. You can get it flashed at a store.
  6. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Android Expert

    did you ever get your phone fixed? sorry it took me so long to get back to you... you should've sent me a pm...
  7. Sup3rHugh

    Sup3rHugh Lurker

    I've had the same problem months ago. I was planning to use this phone for at least 1 year before upgrading to a more powerfull phone.

    But seeing the internal rom filling rapidly just updating essential apps, I decided (had no choice!) to try rooting the phone (with custom roms provided by smartmanvartan and others).

    However, in order for me to be able to never again think about the limited internal storage, I have found out that on a rooted phone, Link2SD app can be used to link application on the SD card while the app "thinks" it is installed in the internal memory.

    To create the second partition, I used CWM option "advanced -> partition SD card" (backup the content of your SD card first). I'd recommend creating a partition of 1-2 Gb which should be enough for apps, more than that will probably kill the poor n762 cpu!).

    After doing that, reboot and install the Link2SD application. Move the non-essential application to the newly created partition by selecting "create link".

    You will probably notice that not all apps "like" being linked to the SD (twitter for example) but most apps will work.
    Also note that an SD card is not bulletproof, that's why I mentioned to move only the non-essential apps.

    You can ensure that your phone will still have the minimum funtionality (phone, mail, sms) by booting without the SD card.

    Happy modding...
  8. Sup3rHugh

    Sup3rHugh Lurker

    I prefer using the Android SDK to flash CWM.
    The android SDK for windows can be found here:

    Install the N762 driver, which can be found on a mapped drive when the phone is plugged to the computer.

    In a command window, type:
    adb reboot recovery
    Wait for the phone to reboot and look frozen, then type:
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

    (adb and fastboot are command line executables included in the Android SDK).

    In order to verify that your phone is not bricked, you can connect it to your PC and simply type:
    adb devices

    Hope this helps
  9. bubkusjones

    bubkusjones Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Haha, totally forgot about this. Anyways, thanks, guys. Not only did I solve that original issue (didn't happen again after I rebooted), but I actually managed to get my phone rooted and it's been quite interesting playing with that. Loved being able to finally trash some of the built-in apps I never used.
  10. 4778

    4778 Lurker

    Hello, newb here, I got a question about rooting. Where and what drivers need to be installed. The stock drivers or the ones that come with Android SDK? And what are the file names of the SDK Drivers?

    Also, does the rooting method work with a stock b10 ROM?

    I've tried to root a few times, but with no luck. :(
  11. matty91

    matty91 Lurker

    did anybody can help with this problem cause i have the same one and im totally lost

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