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Zte Racer Review And Questions !

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ryanteck, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. Ryanteck

    Ryanteck Member
    Thread Starter

    I Got A Zte Racer About 3 Weeks Ago And It Was Everything I Wanted.
    Its Eat 2gb Of Internet Within 1 Week?

    I Got It As A PAYG Phone To Replace My Contract That Came With Unlimited Texts 75 Mins And Unlimited Internet. I Used My Old Phone All The Time For Internet And Everything But Now The New Phone Has Muched Through My Unlimited Internet ( Which Is 2gb Fair Use Policy :S ) It Restarted On The 1st Of Aug And Died On The 6th :(

    Now 3 Are Saying Its A Handset Falt And I Have To Take It Back For Them To Check :( And They First Said To Trade It For An INQ Mini . LIKE ?????? Its A

  2. Sefriel

    Sefriel Newbie

    Okay, seriously dude. Get yourself JuiceDefender, or an app which is capable of turning off your data connection when you're not using it. Use wifi.

    What apps are you using which use your internet connection? 2gig is a LOT of data! Are you using the satnav constantly, or something? Also, I'm pretty sure your fair usage will only be 1gb not 2gb, if I know that tariff correctly, without an extra add-on.

    If the phone is faulty, you should be able to get an exchange within 28 days. Download a data tracker app and see what happens when your allowance refreshes.

    Send me a PM if you want more info. Take care,
  3. Ryanteck

    Ryanteck Member
    Thread Starter

    i havent beenable to use wifi as i have been away and normaly on my old phone i used the 3g internet all the time . i dont know what apps do . it is defo 2gb as my talks with 3 said it was 2gb . i have to take it in to get it checked out if it is
  4. Sefriel

    Sefriel Newbie

    Okay. You need to check and monitor the apps you have running. Like I said, go and get an app called Juice Defender and go from there.
  5. GIR

    GIR Member

    Is another great traffic usage monitor. I like that there is a icon with a graph that shows how much of your data allowance used, and also changes colour.

    Use Task manager to make sure you flick unused programs off the cpu.

    Have you been using the virtual walkie talkie alot? It can use 8Kps which adds up over a few hours.

    SCREAM Lurker

    Hi, I just bought ZTE Racer and I can't find the folowing aplications on my phone: FMRadio, JAVA ME Apps, RoadSync Calendar and RoadSync Mail. I called my operator's tech support and they said that there is no FMRadio aplication for ZTE Racer, but I see it in the User Manual and also on reviewes on internet. Can somebody tell me what is wrong and is there a way for me to get FMRadio on my ZTE Racer???

  7. grommit

    grommit Lurker

    It does have an FM radio. You need to make sure your headphones are plugged in as it uses them for an aerial. The applications including the radio are on the applications page which you get to via the Home screen by tapping on the box of boxes at the bottom of the screen.

    SCREAM Lurker

    I know I had to use the headphones (the previous phone i had was with fm radio) and I know how to get to the aplications page, it's just that the icons for the aplications I mentioned are missing. I tried the look for the same problem on the internet and I found some other guys with the same problem but there was no solution. Also like I mentioned the tech support for my mobile operator said that ZTE Racer had no FM Radio ??? I don't know what could be the problem, I tried to reset to factory settings and also the icons for FM Radio, Java and etc. were missing.
  9. grommit

    grommit Lurker

    You know the Application page scrolls!

    Roadsync is in the Android Market
  10. SCREAM

    SCREAM Lurker

    Yes I know the application page scrolls :D and thanks for the info on Roadsync
  11. bcupic

    bcupic Lurker

    I bought ZTE Racer 2 days ago, and i have very big problem.When i want to write SMS, i cant find numeric keypad, only full keyboard.I looked everywhere, and only option i got is android keyboard.Is there any aplications that can fix this ?
  12. There is an app called 'Better Keyboard' in the market which has a T9 keyboard option, although it does cost
  13. Motor_mad

    Motor_mad Lurker

    I have a problem with my ZTE Racer it wont connect to my router via wifi it simply says connecting... the just says disconnected help?

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