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ZTE Screen Viewing Angle Shift

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TikPandora, Oct 15, 2017.

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    Jun 13, 2012

    Jun 13, 2012
    It's been quite a long time since I posted on these forums, but here I am!

    So, recently I purchased a ZTE Blade Vantage on Verizon's prepaid network. And yes, I realize this is the cheapest phone available on Big Red, but I can't find any information out about it anywhere nor any reviews that can help me determine if this is unique to my device or in fact just a quirk with the displays they are using.

    It uses a rather low-quality TFT display. Low resolution, no IPS, none of that. These things don't bother me, but what does is what I can only identify as a...shift in the viewing angles. You can almost feel it in your eyes when you look at an image or watch a video in landscape.


    With a white background you can slightly see it near the bottom of the screen, the colors appearing darker and almost with a slightly blue tint.


    Now, this is supposed to be a darker grey color. I'll admit that the photos tend to magnify the issue quite a bit and that it doesn't look all that bad in real life, but these give you all an idea.


    Here's the clock app for a more real-world example.


    (Bottom of the screen to the left.)

    Now, I have been debating for days on whether or not this is a defect. I've gone into the Verizon store and looked at their display and oddly enough I can't seem to tell. I've gone there a few times and sometimes it looks like it and sometimes it doesn't. I've ran out of excuses to just go into the store and look really really closely at the display of the phone I bought. :oops:

    What do you all think? Defect or just cheap screen. There are lit capacative buttons on the bottom of the device is this makes any sort of a difference.


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