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Zte-t u960

Discussion in 'ZTE' started by ysergey75, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. ysergey75

    ysergey75 Lurker
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    Problemma ZTE-T U960

    During operation of this unit with the firmware 2B08 identified two problemma.

    First the Problem receiving SMS from senders with the number of letters.
    We split into two groups of senders.

    1 group. SvyznoyRu (shop), TricolorTV (satellite operator), Eldorado (shop), Sportmaster (shop), MOHPO (shop), VTB24 (bank), Google (OS Developer Smartphone) - will not pass.

    Group 2. Odnoklassniki.ru (social network), Megafon (mobile operator), Mvideo (shop), QIWI (payments) - Messages are.

    If you install another program to receive SMS (Handcent sms), receiving messages starts.
    Use all Handcent sms is not possible, it is not designed to work with two SIM.
    With its use of mixed messages in the conversation.
    Messages from Group 1 taken SIM2 labeled SIM1.

    At first I blamed software senders SMS, but later checked through all the messages on the LG P500 (successful completion of the total) came to a completely different conclusion.

    From all of this question to the developers ZTE.
    As a phone with an operating system from Google may not receive SMS messages (without third-party software) from the website Google??
    I think that if the Problem solved with Google, it will be resolved and all the rest.

    Second problemma.

    The Problem related to the localization of integrated email client.
    Dismantling and assembling it is impossible to locate for unclear reasons.
    Email client had to be replaced by a third party. Built at the same time was better.

    Sorry for bad english.

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  2. Neil Doss

    Neil Doss Guest

    Hey its better you contact your Manufacturer for this, they might help you.

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