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ZTE V768 system memory mix up?

Discussion in 'ZTE' started by d5150a, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. d5150a

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    A friend has this phone from TMobile and was complaining that he cannot download anything, he gets a message saying there's insufficient memory.
    He doesn't know anything about the phone beyond calling taking pictures and playing one game he downloaded when he 1st got it.
    So I look in system settings to check out what space he has system and SD wise.
    In System settings/ Storage, it says he has 18Mb available on System, and 3.7 Gb on SD.
    It seemed that the largest part of his storage was for pic's (actual, not a crazy massive amount of thumbnails), so I figured I would move them from their original place in the DCIM folder to SD card.
    Well, when I 1st go into file explorer I see an SD Card folder, and a System Folder.
    I go into the System folder and there is nothing but the game he downloaded.
    In the SD Card folder is everything that you would think would be in Systems folder.
    It's like the folder names were switched.

    Anyone with a clue?

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