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ZTE V887 - Ghost touches

Discussion in 'ZTE' started by LCoronelP, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. LCoronelP

    LCoronelP Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi, i buy the new dual sim ZTE V887 last days but yesterday i have reading in google reader and i swipe down to up to continue the post, but the phone go out to "all items"...

    Today i went to settings -> developers settings -> "Show touch" and i could see the problem.

    When i touch the screen and i touch again less that 5 seconds the touchscreen work fine, but when i no touch the screen in 5 or more seconds, when i touch again (or swipe) then the screen performs one or more touches in other sites of screen... (for example when i swipe on the bottom of the screen, "magically" the screen perform touch in upper of the screen.

    The phone is not connected to charger.

    I restored the factory settings and the problem is still here.

    In forums, some people says that the humidity of room can affect... but the phone is unusable with this problem, i dont live in the sea or high mountain!

    I find sensitivity settings but in this phone don't have this settings.

    This problem is only for me? or other ZTE users have the samee problem?

    You have some solutions or i must sell or use the warranty or use the phone to only see the time :thinking:?


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  2. Bee1

    Bee1 Well-Known Member

    Just checking... Has anyone found root for ZTE n9515 ?[emoji17]

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