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ZTE Valet terrible Wifi

Discussion in 'ZTE' started by urdrwho, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. urdrwho

    urdrwho Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My wife bought me a ZTE Valet for Christmas to replace my LG P506. I read reviews where people complained of poor Wifi but I thought that it was probably just weak router beacons. Nope, it is the ZTE.

    In places where my LG gets a full set of wifi bars, the ZTE Valet receives 1 or 2 bars. At Starbucks where I sit at the outside table the LG connects just fine but the ZTE Valet can't even find the signal.

    I like the phone for everything else, it is Jellybean, is responsive but I can't stand a poor wifi signal.

    I have an old cheap Pandigital laying around that can connect in places the ZTE Valet can not connect.

    Why would thy have made such a weak Wifi receiver. Bad mistake and this puppy is going back to the store.

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  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    Could also be that, due to the way they're making them, the wifi antenna isn't actually connecting to the wifi receiver. Samsung has a problem in some phones that requires bending the antenna contacts a little tighter. (It's the GPS antenna there, but the same idea.)

    Or it could just be a badly designed wifi receiver.
  3. urdrwho

    urdrwho Newbie
    Thread Starter

    From the multitude of comments about bad Wifi I think it is a poor design.

    You find remarks such as ---

    "The reception of Wi Fi is not strong. Requires closer setting than hoped for. "

    "I have noticed that the WiFi range doesn't seem to be as good as with my other wireless devices."

    "I had to reposition my wireless router into the room I most often use my ZTE in to get a signal that didn't periodically drop out."

    ZTE should do a quick fix to the Valet or it will very quickly get a bad reputation for bad Wifi. After Christmas you'll have a lot of Tracfone people trying to use this thing and will find great disappointment with the Wifi.

    I have a lot of accumulated Tracfone minutes from my GSM phone. I don't like the new Smartphone Tracfone scheme. Your minutes are split between talk/text/data. Before a Test was .03 minutes but the new smartphone fee would take an entire minute of your test time. Sure you get triple minutes but if like me, you aren't a big data user, I am paying for something I will never use. I'm thinking of just giving up the accumulated Tracfone minutes and going with my wife's AT&T no contract deal. She pays $25 a quarter for text/talk/no-data. I am not a big talker on my cell and I think the AT&T may work for me.

    I do know that the ZTE Valet wot work for me.


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