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ZTE Warp Elite sim card

Discussion in 'Boost Mobile' started by zacd66, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. zacd66

    zacd66 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone here knows the model number for the sim card in the ZTE Warp Elite. I bought it used on eBay and the seller didn't say anything about not including it. Thank you in advance.

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  2. josephguy82

    josephguy82 Lurker

    You can do what I did I got one used like you did for my sisters kid no sim so I went to best buy and brought an zte warp took the simcard out and returned the phone, if you plan on buying one look to spend just 40 for the card better going to best buy
  3. DirtyDee

    DirtyDee Android Expert

    no just call boost customer care they will mail you one
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  4. Sept1967

    Sept1967 Android Enthusiast

    So what did you tell Boost to get your stolen UICC card paired with your phone?

    Sprint sims arent hot swapable like GSM sims. They are tied to your phone. Just get a replacement from Boost like DD said.
  5. DirtyDee

    DirtyDee Android Expert

    If the phone isn't active it might work but..seriously that is shady times like that I'm glad I don't work in a super professional environment because I can tell you to gtfo

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