zte warp rooting after B08C update,CWM recoveries and custom rom step by step processes.


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if it wasent for knoxville363 i would have never been able to get the processes down the way i did.SO THANK U KNOXVILLE363!
AFTER making the mistake of doing the ZTE update tool and losing my root,and after about 2 days of trial and error..i finally have a exact step by step way of rooting from the update to installing a custome Rom.i also have the correct software and methods,so it can be done quick and easy and on the first try.im not going to get into it all over a thread cuz i wouldent be able to type again for weeks.lol.so if anyone needs the software or steps.let me know.this was the first time ever that i have done sumthing like this to a fone.but i did it to my gf"s warp afterwards with the same methods and has it all rooted and custom rom it about 15 minutes from start to finish.so i guess im doing sumthing right.lol.
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Congrats on the successful root mikegmoney. Welcome to Android Forums. I hope you were able to use these forums to help you in the process. We have a root area just for the Warp. If you have a desire to share your root experience, it's in that area that you should leave your post. The ZTE people interested in rooting their phones would likely gain from your experience and it's there that they will be looking for assistance/direction. Here is a link to the ZTE root area. Thanks for joining and I hope you enjoy these forums.
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thank u. i hope everyone with warp can benefit from this. because just like every one else that did the update, i was not very happy when i lost root and couldent get it back....