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zte warp sequent hard lock & bluetooth

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by firestorm31, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. firestorm31

    firestorm31 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    seems I'm having a problem with this one.

    the zte is doing a hard lock. In otherwords, I can't get in via the touch screen. it won't respond. I've tried to do the top button reboot, but the touch screen won't respond to my touches on reboot or shutdown menu. I've had to take the battery out to do reset it.

    I'm getting duplicate txt msgs, is sms re-assembly doing this?

    I tried link the zte to my win7 laptop via bluetooth but win7 tells me that it is missing 3 drivers, it can't find it and can't complete the link.

    I prolly would have to take this to zte support. :mad:

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  2. RandySat

    RandySat Guest

    hi, you can first doing a factory data reset on your phone, cos that had resolved the problem on my phone . if you don find this then you can probably call the support as u said.
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  3. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Android Expert

    also, the bluetooth driver thing, that has nothing to do with the phone, its missing the drivers for whatever bluetooth the computer itself uses. look up your computer model and go to the companies support section, or if its a usb adapter or something like that, go to their website. zte drivers wont help you even a little bit with bluetooth, only usb. and to do a factory reset on it, press and hold power and volume down when you reboot, youll lose all your data, texts, numbers that arent stored on your gmail, anything youve installed or downloaded to the internal storage, sd card will remain untouched though. i figured none of that stuff does you any good anyhow though without being able to access anything
  4. brianhopkins

    brianhopkins Lurker

    I have the zte warp sequent by boost mobile and I have it rooted but no recovery has been stable yet for it
    Will any developers take on this task and help us boost mobile android lovers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im looking for a one click root and cwm with super user
    Or any working cwm or twrp that will work on this phone and also can be used with odin to download
    If anyone has any links or comments and suggestions please post or you can also
    email me at brianhopkins6940@gmail.com
  5. junkie2100

    junkie2100 Android Expert

    dude, lose the email addy lol. go to the all things root section and get cwm its been stable for like 6 months now
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  6. Robertech

    Robertech Android Enthusiast

    crappy hardware i say. my digitizer randomly stops working as well no matter what rom i'm on. sometimes one reboot will fix it, sometimes it takes 10, but when it acts up i cant use touch in cwm either. not buying from ZTE again, i can say that much.

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