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Root ZTE Zmax Pro Official Root Discussion

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by anubis2048, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. Don't turn your backs for a SECOND lol....

    Kyocera phones, I believe are linked up to some handsets via server/proxy constantly, whichever, by means of the OTA checker process. You guys might wanna do some digging around and check some system apps for connectivity permissions, take note of the ones you can't deny permissions for?

    The morons at Z-TEEzey can watch you here in the forums; their engineers and system monitors can watch your phones for odd behavior through their firmware, and I wouldn't doubt that they may have some kind of administrative control of their (YOUR) firmware.

    Yeah, maybe I should be wearing the tin foil hat; but I have 15+ Android phones I routinely root and dig through, take notes, research etc, and I've seen some weird shit with the Kyocera, Huawei and ZTE handsets. Remember, two of them have already been watched by the US for spyware.

    Oh, and one more thing: WHY the f*ck does my Zmax say it's encrypted? Every phone I've owned has had the option to encrypt (required by my workplace for e-mail/security purposes anyway)... But my Zmax came encrypted right out of the box. I'm not the best at Linux/Android, but can you even root an encrypted phone? Can you guys check your security menus to see if you're already encrypted?

    Just a thought... And no, I don't work for ZTE, and I can vouch for @dontpanicbobby lol..... Not a spy :)

    If y'all set up a private pow-wow somewhere, send me an invite please!

    I've been around almost 6 years, and I donate. I don't spy!


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  2. Um, yeah. That's just a handful of many possible partitions a phone may have. Many you can't touch, modify or even look at funny without pissing off the bootloader and causing a F*CK YOU from the bootloader itself. LOL... If you guys have a couple of extra bucks, grab a Moto E or older Moto G to play around with. They have a visible and (some) unlockable bootloaders similar to Nexus phones, with fastboot access as well. Fun stuff. You can watch yourself brick it haha
  3. Ethorbit

    Ethorbit Member

    I do think we're getting off-topic now, we should really only post if we have something to do related with rooting.
    Yes, this post is also off-topic, but I did include a second plan, for every trusted person (not including me) to move to a private root chat or forum.

    And for the love of god please stop recommending other phones. Seriously do not come to a root discussion for a specific phone and recommend a different phone, it's really silly, even if it is a better deal.
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  4. Holy shit... Did you read ANYTHING in my post about checking to see if your phone's data or any partitions are encrypted? Your rooting game is changed up a bit if so...

    That could also be the reason why you menaces are having just as hard of a time even soft bricking your phones.

    Somebody says ZTE can't see what you do to your phones outside of the forums, I suggested they can. Diagnostics reporting and data collection are on almost every smartphone. You crash a system app, they will get some info on it. I doubt that all of you read up on the permissions granted to ZTE out of the box, or the alarming amount of personal data you can potentially expose to team KingRoot ;) Just clarifying that for you. I root, read, and comb through a lot of different phones in my collection, to help out.

    I'm not plugging other devices like other forum schlubs, I suggested a wonderful $5.00 eBay phone that makes a perfect learning tool that will help you with the ZMax. But I see this forum has yet again, turned into one or two members barking about wasting space while wasting space posting about wasting space while posting about KingRoot (which hasn't worked for the last 2 forums and 4,000 posts now lol....

    And for the love of God? A tally count of 'stop with the off topic!!' posts would by far surpass the number of posts with people trying to help. Little collaboration here, lots of barking. Have fun with that...

    @Mods feel free to 86.
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  5. Ethorbit

    Ethorbit Member

    I'd love to know who this somebody is.

    Definitely not me, because I never said these things.
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  6. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven ...eschew obfuscation...

    I'm not cleaning. The posts have not derailed the thread from the topic at hand. I'll also note that posting about off topic posts in the thread instead of using the report button is counterproductive to your goals.

    It's your thread and your conversation. Attack the issues, not each other. :)
  7. Ethorbit

    Ethorbit Member

    I literally just reported for off-topic.
  8. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven ...eschew obfuscation...

    And yet here we are posting about it. ;)
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  9. Greysworld007

    Greysworld007 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys and gals! I'm back and I have a FOOLPROOF method for ROOT ideas postings. STEP ONE: read the entire forum before posting your bright idea,chances are pretty good that at least 5 people have already tried it and posted the results.
  10. Odin89

    Odin89 Android Enthusiast

    i was curious as well, the settings show the device as encrypted out of the box, wondered if this would affect root as well.
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  11. Beany23

    Beany23 Member

    Just to throw it out there.... If u have to put in a pattern password before the phone boots up completely that's gonna be y ur phones encrypted also regarding this damn root issue.... I don't have a computer no more unfortunately so I'll have to ask, we can pull the /system using adb pull correct?
  12. Jimmy Dixx

    Jimmy Dixx Well-Known Member

    I thought we were past usng kr too, but when people started posting about it again i figured maybe somebody found something new and it was worth a shot. I dont know a whole lot about this phone, so I am trying everything that comes my way. But yes. I have had the sneaking suspicion from day one that the Chinese did something to this phone, hence the reason for the lockdown, to spy on us.. I don't know if it is for solely for "security" purposes, or they are using it to spy on other countries. I don't know, them being so dense about rooting this particular phone, and the way they are doing it, not to mention the global espionage constantly getting worse and worse, I don't know what to think anymore.
    #1737 Jimmy Dixx, Mar 21, 2017
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  13. TheOddTaco

    TheOddTaco Newbie

    i tried this before, it skipped everything except for the apps.
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  14. asianrocker

    asianrocker Android Enthusiast

    AFAIK, all my posts are relevant to rooting. I had suggested mbn ages ago and was ignored. Months later the devs here are looking at mbn to root it. Cracking Busybox and toybox applet or even making your own applet to run on your phone will be the future of rooting phones. You read it here first!

    After being ignored.. LOOOOL.
  15. Odin89

    Odin89 Android Enthusiast

    Not true at all actually... The security feature enabling pw or ptrn before phone boots has nothing to do with encryption, its a security feature, itll ask you if youd like to enable this feature when you set a pw pin or ptrn. Goes without saying its added security as one cannot gain a debug handshake without booting or getting past the first of 2 lockscreens. As stated earlier "out of the box its encrypted" meaning before you set a pw or pin or ptrn or anything, before anything is done by the user to the device, it is encrypted, just to clear things up ;)
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  16. Piplup702

    Piplup702 Member

    This is what you're talking about correct? Even with no pin or pattern on lockscreen it's still encrypted, for all the non-believers see screenshot

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  17. nickdigreat

    nickdigreat Newbie

    That's not news
  18. Beany23

    Beany23 Member

    What about pulling the files individually?
    I real wish I had my Ubuntu setup still.
  19. Beany23

    Beany23 Member

    When your phone boots up and gets to the ZTE logo it will request that you put a pattern in order to start android
  20. Piplup702

    Piplup702 Member

    Not saying it is, just proving someone right
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  21. Piplup702

    Piplup702 Member

    Wrong. It still says encrypted even tho it doesn't need a pin to boot up

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  22. Greysworld007

    Greysworld007 Well-Known Member

    I was gonna encrypt my phone when I first got it but I never did. My phone "updated" itself a month ago ànd looking at the post above I decided to check it again. DAMN ZTE.

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  23. Piplup702

    Piplup702 Member

    That's the thing, my phone's never been updated, I'm still on b08
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  24. Beany23

    Beany23 Member

    K cool now I know lol. Like I've said before....ZTE is very new to me I came from Samsung so download mode was my best friend lol. This phone right here needs root bad it's got very good specs for a mid range phone so once I get another computer I'll see about gaining some exploits/vulnerabilities to help out......Guys we can't give up this phone will be rooted I just know it...Never give up and we could now that I'm thinking about we could possibly use poot debug and ministro to get the libraries we need to help with root we would probably have to decompile some things but hey anything is up for trying so why not right?
  25. Billyckansbar

    Billyckansbar Newbie

    agreed, mods why is this drivel not 86`d yet!?

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