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Root ZTE ZMAX Pro (Z981) root discussion

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Masterchief87, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. nino44

    nino44 Member

    They thought the new update patch could fix the fastboot. But honestly I think that's never gonna happen.


  2. Tennaki

    Tennaki Member

    The OTA didn't unlock anything and fastboot is still inaccessable; all of those button combinations on startup we already knew about and could access before the latest OTA.

    We kinda are just reciting what we already discussed months ago...
  3. nino44

    nino44 Member

    The only way of knowing if the fastboot was unlocked with the update was retrying, but I agree some people are too lazy to read the whole thread and it bothers others who do have.
  4. lambo352

    lambo352 Well-Known Member

    Her it is.. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0PLOoNmK7L8dWxsUDIzS2tEQlk/view?usp=drivesdk. I didn't have time to test when next to a PC. If you or someone on here can test to see if it works I'd appreciate it. Also this is just a thought but can we take the OTA update file posted, extract the it and SuperSU zip, place the SuperSU files in the appropriate location in the OTA, repackage OTA, place on the SD card root directory and flash via settings? Another new feature with the update is the option to flash OTA via SD card through settings.. Screenshot_20161129-145058.png
    If my theory works, I'd say someone at ZTE or metro found a way to help without getting fired.. lol..
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    JIMMYHENDRIX Well-Known Member

  6. lambo352

    lambo352 Well-Known Member

    I don't understand blank post.. I'll have to assume you missed this on page 43.. Screenshot_20161129-163101.png
  7. bcrichster

    bcrichster ROMinator

    It was a link to an program..
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  8. biledigger

    biledigger Well-Known Member

    Did anyone get otg support from the firmware update?
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  9. lambo352

    lambo352 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for reminding me.. I meant to check.. can someone try using this tool to inject SuperSU manually into OTA for SD card update in settings..

    Also can the person who does it post here with title modified OTA.. and where's Messi? We can use his input right bout now..
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  10. messi2050

    messi2050 Android Enthusiast

    I downloaded the update , checked it and found boot/recovery patchs in the patch folder and i think The best thing to try now is to replace the recovery.img.p by twrp's recovery.img and modify the update script to erase the old recovery and flash the new one also i don't think that will work with those who already updated as the update script have some check lines that will prevent reapplying the ota update so it will need to be edited in case of reapplying the ota although it needs to be doing carefully to avoid system fcs and errors as we don't have stock rom to flash in case of something is going wrong.
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    Last edited: Nov 29, 2016
  11. Elix9000

    Elix9000 Well-Known Member

    Sounds good, I shouldn't have installed the update though[emoji28]
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  12. str8upx

    str8upx Newbie

    I understand why you would want to replace the stock recovery. but since ZTE hasn't and probably never will provide source, shouldn't injecting supersu and gaining root be the main goal here?
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  13. Piplup702

    Piplup702 Member

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  14. Drizzy15

    Drizzy15 Newbie

    Scam.. Look at the 2nd title. Upgrade ur zmax pro to 6.0.1 marshmallow.. um duh we already on marshmallow. I think it's ah scam. I've looked and search. I don't think anybody has come up with a solution to unlock the bootloader yet..
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  15. Piplup702

    Piplup702 Member

    Yes but if he can successfully replace stock recovery with twrp using said method, all that would need to be done to obtain root is flash SuperSU
  16. Piplup702

    Piplup702 Member

    There's also a link that says how to root using the same tool, total scam
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  17. svnxn

    svnxn Newbie

  18. Jesus f-ing christ
    This has been posted at least
    Along with
    Hey guys I just noticed that if you unlock developers mode you can click unlock bootloader
    Hold power and volume down/up does something
    Forum etiquette people
    Read first
    Comment second.....
    Been lurking this thread for the past month
  19. xlegitimate

    xlegitimate Well-Known Member

    ignorance is bliss my friend. people rather rush and post things instead of going through the thread to see what has already been attempted.
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  20. Nthall

    Nthall Well-Known Member

    It does attempt to flash it from the sd card in recovery now. That's new. If we had a modified rom it might work.
  21. LeGiT_dIaMoNd

    LeGiT_dIaMoNd Well-Known Member

    Whats up guys. I just grabbed this phone from Metro. I was curious has anyone tried the DirtyCow method to obtain root?

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  22. Nthall

    Nthall Well-Known Member

    Go for it.
  23. You guys i fell asleep last night and woke up this morning and kingroot had finished and said it had root but there was a root auth error but i had the screen for root protection and everything but when i tried to use es file explorer and tick root browaer it failed just a heads up. With king root it went to 100 for. Me but gave root auth error
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  24. LeGiT_dIaMoNd

    LeGiT_dIaMoNd Well-Known Member

    I just tried KR and it said exploit not avaliable

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