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ZTE ZMAX Pro (Z981) tethering discussion

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by anubis2048, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. jaykoerner

    jaykoerner Well-Known Member


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  2. Jimmy Dixx

    Jimmy Dixx Well-Known Member

    I never had any problems with my good old Galaxy S3 and tethering.
  3. TrilbyBoy

    TrilbyBoy Newbie

    Which is rather sad they have to go with 128K like that. I would think 1mbps would be nice but fat chance on that.
  4. Masterchief87

    Masterchief87 Android Expert

    Actually 128k is 1mbps.

    Difference between Mbps and MB/s (internet speed) Mbps means megabits per second while MB/s means megaBYTES per second. There are eight bits in a byte, so a megabit is eight times smaller than a megabyte.
  5. anubis2048

    anubis2048 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Most traffic isn't even scanned. MetroPCS/T-Mobile hardly scan your data to see if you're tethering. They DO scan for PSN/Xbox Live though, even during the couple of months where we all had unlimited tethering, they would still count PSN activity and Xbox live... I guess a lot of school kids use tethering for games? Kinda weird that is the one thing they check for the most.
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  6. TrilbyBoy

    TrilbyBoy Newbie

    Thanks for the explanation there. I suppose I should've said 1 MB/s then.
  7. lambo352

    lambo352 Well-Known Member

    You need root, the $60 metro plan and PDAnet / foxfi apk. I read about it on XDA when I had the stylo.. I've been getting texts about changes to metro tethering and data policy. I didn't read them but maybe it will now work with the $30 plan. PDAnet uses your data plan, not the tether plan. Also the $30 plan LTE data gets capped at 2/3gb but the $60 is unlimited LTE ( unless you tether without PDAnet). This is the part where i thing you need root. When you use PDAnet to turn on the hotspot, the stock hotspot activate along side it. You need to go into your settings and turn off the system hotspot. PDAnet should still be on in the background until you turn it off through PDAnet. I've read of people getting 500+GB tethering with this method.. don't know of any other working method.
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  8. anubis2048

    anubis2048 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Let's keep the tethering discussion in it's own thread. And you're wrong. You just need to use FoxFi and the TTL trick and you get unlimited tethering. Check the other thread for details and reply to this post in the dedicated tethering thread. This thread is for root and it has already been derailed one time before due to tethering discussion.
  9. anubis2048

    anubis2048 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Well, no. You can see videos on YouTube after they hit their data limit. It's 128KB/ps.
  10. TrilbyBoy

    TrilbyBoy Newbie

    How sad.
  11. Areo_Luxia

    Areo_Luxia Member

    Would a PC be required for all tethering methods suggested ?
  12. anubis2048

    anubis2048 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Check out the new thread about tethering, it has the perfect solution. It's the "Permanent" thread.
  13. White Pimp

    White Pimp Newbie

    I'd appreciate the info on how to do it, thx.
  14. wwwFrAnKwww

    wwwFrAnKwww Lurker

    Well done, on getting tethering to PC... But can we find a way to tether to ps4??... I'm constantly getting huge game updates
  15. Well done, on getting tethering to PC... But can we find a way to tether to ps4??... I'm constantly getting huge game updates
  16. Lucky Tuba96

    Lucky Tuba96 Lurker

    I need help with that answer. I just upgraded to the $60 plan and I also have the FoxFi however, it's using my plans hotspot and now I'm already almost out of my hotspot data. Please help. Thanks in advance.
  17. Jbennett6196

    Jbennett6196 Lurker

    I did this and it kicked me down to regular 4G
  18. anubis2048

    anubis2048 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  19. hthrmhff

    hthrmhff Lurker

    Hi. Would you mind sending me steps to bypassing hotspot restrictions using FoxFi & changing APN, please. I've been using pdanet/FoxFi for past 4 years with phones in past. Now have ZTE ZMAX pro and need to tether for internet on notebook for my job. I'm at a loss and on the verge of losing job if don't catch up on work. I live out in the country in Texas, it costs about $300 to get internet out here. I can't afford that, struggling as is. Thank you in advance with any help you can send me.
  20. st0nz

    st0nz Newbie

    step #1 read the person above your post.. he has a link
  21. sugdawg27

    sugdawg27 Lurker

    find a program for your pc called cyber ghost. It has been working great for me, it even makes my hotspot much faster.
  22. Can you help me do this
  23. Right keep in touch

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