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zve which rom should i chose

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by caguayote, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. caguayote

    caguayote Member
    Thread Starter

    hi you guys I manage to update from rooted 2.5,1 to zve baseband I wanna know which rom is better debloated stock from ldriftas or everslayed galaxy zve thanks

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  2. fullbloodedmut

    fullbloodedmut Android Enthusiast

    ldrifta v3.0 is to me closes to it, i was on 2.5 n now on his v3.0i believe its on the 2 page,uwill c a mediafire link,gv it a try, u should like if u were on 2.5,let me no wat u think,good luck
  3. caguayote

    caguayote Member
    Thread Starter

    thank u for the quick response what do u think about zve galaxy room from everslayed ?
  4. fullbloodedmut

    fullbloodedmut Android Enthusiast

    thats the first one i tried after the debloated zve,i was interested n the galaxy rom,pretty cool,but i ran 2 2.5 zvd,so the galaxy was totally diff for me,i jus wanted something like i had before,by all means nothing against everslayeds rom,just i guess wasnt use to it,but if ldrifta didnt go the route he did,id prob pick galaxy,but ldrifta so close to wat i had,just went with it,if that made any sense to u
  5. caguayote

    caguayote Member
    Thread Starter

    yea it make perfectly sense I install everslayed galaxy rom but like u say is totally different to what I was just to it there is a lot apps that I don't even now how to use or the purpose of them so im going to leave for tomorrow at the end of the day to see how is on battery if is not to good I will change to the link that u gave me I already download it
  6. fullbloodedmut

    fullbloodedmut Android Enthusiast

    i really didnt gve it time to see how batt did,but it does look like a cool one but like u said,bunch of apps i dnt no,so i jus went with wat i know,by all means no disrespect to him,but just nt my cup of tea,i do hav tosay frm wat i saw he did a hell of a job on the galaxy rom,much props!!!!!!
  7. BRAINZ2013

    BRAINZ2013 Extreme Android User

    Just research the apps you want and others delete them it would give u more space and less headache cause they won't be running in the background . That's what i do . Just remove from the system app draw . For example he has google voice search and he has bing voice search . He puts both so u choose the one you are familiar with keep it and delete the others . Same goes with the browsers he has puffin and pop up i love puffin so guess what pop up has to hit the road :eek::screwy::banghead::D

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