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  1. dental7

    dental7 New Member

    I recently got the lg optimus x2. It is running on 2.3.4.

    Initially, the wifi connected but 3g was not recognised even though data roaming and access was enabled. However, now i cannot even connect to wifi. It keeps saying 'obtaining ip add' and then fails.

    Going through various google searches I have messed around with the settings, set apn to default. Done factory reset. Disconnected, reconnected, changed sim cards, tried 2g, messed around with vpn, selected all network mode's but nothing seems to work. I have contemplated rooting the phone but doubt this will do anything?

    This is extremely frustrating considering the "amazing" reviews the phone has one expects a simple tool such as wireless connection to work.

    Would be grateful if anybody had any other ways to possibly resolve the issue?????


  2. Alejandra57

    Alejandra57 New Member

    Hi! I had the same problem..
    have you been able to fix it?
  3. Higherground

    Higherground Member

    Mine has same issue, haven't figured it out among the many other bugs, you are right - extremely frustrating.....I planned on sending mine back its only 2 months old but read the facebook page and seen others sent theirs back to LG and they still don't work once returned

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