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  1. youngzephiroth

    youngzephiroth New Member

    newbie here, just bought the galnote and upgrading to ics.
    sofar the h/w is great, but the s/w is a little dissapointing
    so i want some1 to please enlighten me

    1. in photo editor i cant zoom while selecting pen edit. i want to take a picture of a document and annotate it. i need to be able to zoom it then annotate some small text from that document. how can i do that?

    2. in s-note i want to use meeting note template, but attendee is only 2 rows.
    i want to add say 5 attendees downward, how can i do that?

    Thx before

  2. youngzephiroth

    youngzephiroth New Member


    Of what apps can accomplish such things?
  3. ifb-online

    ifb-online Well-Known Member

    iAnnotate Lite might be able to do this - it's a pre-installed app (ICS probably required, can't remember).

  4. youngzephiroth

    youngzephiroth New Member

    thx ifb,
    but iannotate lite afaik can only edit pdf, which i can achieve using s-note now.
    what i need is image editing and for it to stay as image when i annotate while zooming

    any other ideas?
  5. MrHowl

    MrHowl Member

  6. youngzephiroth

    youngzephiroth New Member

    thx mrhowl,
    yeah skitch will do though writing in s-note is significantly easier (dunno why but skitch is just less responsive than s-note, there is always disconnected line when writing using skitch). but i will buy it for now.

    about s-note, is there nothong we can do to enlarge the template? i would love to use it if it can do such thing

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