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  1. skmacdonald

    skmacdonald Member

    I'm someone who doesn't beleave in downloading music for free no matter the source but it doesn't seem like the Google play store doesn't have a music downloader that makes me pay for the music I want... if anyone knows if there is such an app please tell me because I would like to check it out... also I don't have a computer right now so it would be nice if I got suggestions on things I can use on my Samsung galaxy s4, thanks

  2. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

    Depending on country, 7digital is not bad (but in many countries the prices are much higher than in others). You can also buy music on 7digital.com then.
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  3. skmacdonald

    skmacdonald Member

    Exactly what I was looking for thanks
  4. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    It's licensing, paid music from Google Play is only available in certain countries, such as the UK and US. What paid music stores are available does vary by country due to licensing. What country are you in? We might be able to give you some ideas.

    Some countries just do not have a paid on-line music service at all, like China. It's free(ad supported) here, and legal as well.
  5. skmacdonald

    skmacdonald Member

    Im from Canada but I didnt realize I could download straight from Google play... I kinda figured that would be the case though seeming as apple has the iTunes store on all there devices I just didnt know where to go for android
  6. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    I use Amazon mp3 to purchase my music and play music to listen.

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