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A way to collaborate on notes, cross-platform?

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  1. dep

    dep Active Member

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to collaborate on a "note" with a friend of mine on a Palm Pre. In our case, we want to maintain a collection of quotes together. It'd be nice if we could maintain updates in the same place and have them be in sync. Not necessarily looking for an "app," but a mobile site that would let us accomplish this would work as well. Does anyone have any ideas?


  2. dep

    dep Active Member

    update - I think Evernote might be the way to go. There's an android AND pre client and I can share a notebook with my friend to collaborate.
  3. les017

    les017 Active Member

    I wonder if this might not be a good application of Google Wave?
  4. jdub71

    jdub71 Well-Known Member

    And I have GW invites if you need 'em.
  5. dep

    dep Active Member

    Can't do that on a pre and a Droid though.

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