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about motorola xt532 (dual sim android)

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  1. chamaruco

    chamaruco Well-Known Member

    after two week of intensive use i can say that this is my best dual sim.

    some times i've a black screen like other phones o tablet by motorola.
    i'm testing a new ecell battery (2430mha) if it can solve this problem.

    if someone has purchased it from china without android market here
    pwel user has uploaded a stock rom.

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  2. chamaruco

    chamaruco Well-Known Member

    it seems that a new version 4_37C_5013 is released.
    can someone help us to find it?
  3. chamaruco

    chamaruco Well-Known Member

    ok we have found it. new interface and some bug-fix
  4. lostemma

    lostemma New Member

    I have been having troubles trying to root the phone
    I tried following below, but the Xt532_root.zip that I download keeps saying its corrupted
    Is this the only way to get root?

    Trying this:
    "Here are the processes for rooting the Motorola XT532:

    1) first install the Morotola XT532 drivers and enable USB debugging on phone (settings/applications/development)
    2) install SUT1.75, it is in the zip file from the previous.
    3) Run SUT1.75, choose the corresponding file (FXX_PR3_NV.xml) which is in the root.zip in the zip file from the previous post, when "Task 2 of 2 finished", click "Finish",
    then your phone reboots
    4) run superoneclick (also in the zip), press root and voila, your XT532 is rooted"
  5. chamaruco

    chamaruco Well-Known Member

    possible solution
    change computer. for me changing from x64 to x32 solve some issue.
    may be your antivirus recognize root exsploit like a virus.
    so use a x32 pc without antivirus.
  6. polvo

    polvo Active Member

    When running SUT1.75 you have to assure to have your phone connected and be sure to enable debugging mode, I was solving this when I was not able to process FXX_PR3_NV.xml, rooting was then simple thing.
  7. chamaruco

    chamaruco Well-Known Member

    goooooood performance using new battery bf6x 1880 mha!!
  8. Gadjetlady2012

    Gadjetlady2012 New Member

    Anyone knows where to get the file for the XT532 ROM. I have the Chinese version without google play and some shop4apps in Chinese? Thanks.
  9. elect

    elect Member

    I used the first rom in the wiki

    Motorola XT532 - XDA-Developers

    I had 65MB free, then I run the update of the google apps and I ended up with only 12MB free..

    I cannot move any of those apps to the sd since they look like system-app and cannot be moved..

    What can I do?

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