Acer Liquid Kernel

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  1. sssache

    sssache New Member

    Acer is obliged to release the kernel source code for the Liquid (A1) phone. We want to get their attention and are asking them to publish it.
    Please sign this petition and hope they will release the kernel so we can make custom rom's, update to 2.0, etc. Thanks.
    Release the kernel source for Acer Liquid now! - Petition Spot

  2. daft009

    daft009 Member

    the rumour is end of this month it will be released..
  3. sssache

    sssache New Member

    That will be great. In this way we can start working on making the update from 1.6 to 2.1. There is even a lots of request to port the Android to Acer Neotouch who has wm 6.5 installed on. Liquid and Neotouch has the same hardware so after the release of the Liquid Kernel it will be only a metter of time until this it will be possible. Thanks.
  4. ataq

    ataq Member

    looking forward to it, 2.x very much appreciated

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