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  1. dcladylaw

    dcladylaw Member This Topic's Starter

    May 7, 2010
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    Ok so I received my first Droid Inc via preorder and got it around the launch date. Loved it and had no issues with this phone! No signal strength issues, no hanging, no errors or anything else I've read about people having issues with. Got it wet at a pool this weekend and now display isn't working. Sold it for parts. Got a new one yesterday after tracking down what appears to be the only one in stock locally at a Best Buy store. Now the problem...

    On this new one (manufacture date 6/17) I cannot use the Market. Either it just sits on a white screen that says loading forever until the error message comes up and says "Activity Market Not Responding - Force Quit or Wait" (wait option just leads to the same error). Sometimes it does load the Market home screen and either the screen freezes not letting me select anything or I can select something on the first page like Twitter and it says installing and then I get the error message again.

    Any ideas? I cleared the cache for the Market app and did a factory reset and removed battery....none of which worked.

    I also see low signal and sporadic 3G on this new phone that I didn't have before.

    Bummed :(

    I saw this thread from last year


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