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  1. bennyben

    bennyben Well-Known Member

    I have adw launcher but nothing seems to stick after the phone shuts down or restarts. Same thing for widgets. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  2. bantam59

    bantam59 Member

    Try moving the app to the phone instead of sd card. I've experienced similar issues with other apps and moving them to the phone fixed it
  3. hubsabubs

    hubsabubs Well-Known Member

    Here's how it works, when your phone loads it loads from the phone first then the SDCard. Any customization apps such as WidgetLocker, ADW Launcher EX, Go Launcher, Go Keyboard and any themes and icon packs associated with said Apps need to be installed to the phone memory. If not they go caput wether its a restart, unmounting your SD Card or merely hooking it up to your PC to transfer a file.

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