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    I like the review by G Nelson.
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  3. gtbarry

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  4. tsaunders

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  5. gtbarry

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    Interesting that a person would buy a case for a phone no one has ever officially seen.
  6. blackepoxy

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    Actual customer reveiw from Amazon...

    The Higgs Boson of Nexus 5 cases
    By G. Barry - September 24, 2013
    I like my Nexus 5, but it has its quarks. Specifically, the design lacks symmetry. Overall, it seemed kind of unstable and couldn't hold a charge. Honestly, I kept having a nagging suspicion that my Nexus 5 had no mass.

    I tried many methods to fix this. Most often, I would collide my Nexus 5 at high speeds with another Nexus 5 and study the results while sitting on my large Henredon couch. In the end, I felt like I was left standing alone in an empty field...

    OMG, that's frigging' hilarious!!! :D
  7. Rxpert83

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    The listingare only placeholder until the phone is released. Spigen (the first one linked) does this all the time to get publicity.
  8. Omar Days

    Omar Days Well-Known Member

    I'm waiting for the wallet/book style leather cases. Love those types of cases.
  9. AndroidifyMe

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    Cases for phones that "were never officially seen" are always made and ready to be sold before it comes out. These are from official companies that make cases for several brands. They have seen something or have a way of getting the exact measurements. It's safe to buy it. The leaked video was and is public. I think we all seen it. It's how these companies live.
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    Damn it, still no wallet type cases appearing yet :(
  13. gtbarry

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