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android ICS tablet SD card help

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  1. 0235

    0235 Member

    yes. i am a noob. yes i will likely not use this forum again. so why sign up, well after some brief looking about this forum seemed very, very active, so the chances of finding a successful answer were very high.

    i recently brought an alwinner A10. never heard of it, good. its a very very very cheap chinese android tablet. got it on ebay, shipped to me from hong kong, chines einstruction manual, running icecream sandwich.

    now it says it has 4gb internal memory (which it does) and an expansion slot for up to 32gb micro SD card (which it does, and recognises the card) but for some odd reason when i do the "move to SD card" function, it actually just move it to a small 2GB partition, in the SD card, with another 29gb partition visible

    so, has anyone else had this problem before, or a similar problem, where the device sections of a small partition of the SD card, not the whole thing

    if anyone can help, i would apreciate it alot. dont expect a fast reply. this is the first time i have had internet in 3 days, so be patient

    many thanks,

  2. 0235

    0235 Member

    actually. i may go back to my origonal theory that its the internal memory that has been partitioned, and when i hit "unmount SD card" it just dissabled that part of the onboard memory
  3. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    Tablets don't use memory the same way as a phone. Programs usually don't run from the SD card. You store extras there. Pictures, videos, books. I just looked at a saved backup from an external SD card on a tablet, and it is all music, books, and some downloaded APK files that I put there.

    If you are backing up anything, I think that goes on the internal memory (sd card). I'd backup that memory on the computer. The SD card that you inserted is referred to as the external SD card.
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  4. 0235

    0235 Member

    ah. thankyou very much for clearing that up

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