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Android Market and LG Model VM670 - where's my phone?General

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  1. COflower

    COflower Member

    I opened up my Android Market page, looking at apps and clicked on one app and get this: "You don't have any devices."

    Click on over to my library and see everything I have downloaded. My apps are there but I click on My Orders > Settings and get this: "There are no Android devices associated with this account."

    Ummm, okay, so I click on "Don't See your Device" > a whole bunch stuff including "Your phone or tablet isn't a supported device <--that's a link on the page. So I clicked on that and as of 02-13-12 when they updated the list, it doesn't show the LG Optimus V aka LG-VM670.

    Am I nuts or did the Android Market change and boot those of us out of the Market? I can still download apps, but since there's no phone to associate with my Google accounts, I can't buy any.

    Is it possible there's just a barf in the system? I did change my SD card today but I wouldn't imagine that would have done anything to my Market account. Perhaps this question is better suited to a completely different category but since it didn't list the model # of the LG Optimus V I thought I would check in here first.


  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    That's happened to me before after changing something. I can't remember exactly what I did to fix it. Try logging in to Gmail a couple of times. Try downloading an app using your phone.
  3. COflower

    COflower Member

    It's showing back up this morning.

    I had downloaded Netflix last night since it was a free app to make sure I could still download and it shows that my phone was registered yesterday.

    That's really weird. I had only swapped SD cards so you wouldn't think that would affect the Android Market account. All that data and the apps sit on the phone rather than on the SD card. I'm not familiar with Linux operating systems and certainly not familiar with the phone OS either.

    I feel like a complete dork now. But thank you. Hopefully this silly post will help someone in the future. I had searched but apparently my search skills on this BB are not well tuned.

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