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Android Market/.apk Questions (Xperia U)Support

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  1. karlyn123

    karlyn123 Member

    How do I get onto the Android Market to download Astro Manager?

    Where is the icon located on my Xperia U?

    How do I get it back or how to install the latest version of the market on my phone

    I have a few .akp files i want to install on my phone but all the installers require an sdcard, which installer should I be using for my phone?

    New to all this and thanks for any help

  2. milom

    milom New Member

    Android Market changed its name to Google Play ("Play Store" in your menu)... so just hit your home/apps key and browse to it. It's one of the non-removable apps so it should already be in your phone.

    Alternatively, hit the search bar in your home screen and type "store" or something.
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  3. karlyn123

    karlyn123 Member

    Thanks for the reply man and things worked out with your help!

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