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Any Global Input Method Editors (IMEs) in the present or future???

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  1. b3rusty

    b3rusty New Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 22, 2008
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    My wife uses our standard u.s spec (qwerty) keyboard at home to type japanese via a downloaded piece of software from microsoft called 'Microsoft Global Input Method Editors (IMEs)'.

    We are planning on purchasing 2 htc dream (g1) phones tomorrow (wed 10-22-08) and my wifes biggest concern is that she won't be able to type any japanese on this qwerty keyboard. I know she will be able to view japanese web pages but how will she be able to google them in the first place?? We are both planning on traveling to japan in the next few weeks and well she would definitely need to type some japanese into a web browser at some point while we are over there. It would be super kick a$$ if this dream phone will be able to accommodate us in this. Not to mention how much free advertising this phone will get from us showing it off to all of our japanese friends and family while vacationing there in Dec; especially if you are able to type japanese like they are used to on the qwerty keyboard.

    I have searched moderately thorough this forum for help on this topic and did not find any 'useful' info. If you have any 'useful' info on this please let me know. Thanks fellow tech peoples.


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