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Any widget to autostart the legend 'OS'

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  1. wdmalik

    wdmalik Active Member


    is there any application to restart the OS only

  2. Mandark

    Mandark Member

    The "OS" (I assume you mean the launcher) starts itself up if killed, usually.
    So, using a task killer widget (and making sure that "Sense UI" is NOT in the ignored list) might do the job for you.
  3. wdmalik

    wdmalik Active Member

    I wanted to have a 'restart' application, instead of switching off and start again it seems better just to press restart (for me atleast :)),

    I tried your suggestion but didn't work
  4. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    You mean sense? Get an app called force close widget, this adds a close button to notification bar, when no app is currently open in the foreground pressing this will restart sense.

    Can I ask why you want to do this tho?
  5. arzme

    arzme Member

    i think the thread starter want a 'Reboot' function. something like OFF the phone then turn it ON again.
  6. wdmalik

    wdmalik Active Member

    I only want an app that will simply restart my phone instead of turning it off manually and then start again manually

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