any word on the t-mobile update yet?General

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  1. gs32013

    gs32013 Member

    just what the title says. lol

  2. sincarafan

    sincarafan Well-Known Member

    What update? From what Ive read tmobile doesnt have one yet.
  3. gs32013

    gs32013 Member

    I know they don't have one yet, that's why i was asking if anyone knew about when we would expect an update for t-mobile.
  4. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire Developer

    Are you experiencing some issues or something that would make you seek an ETA for a potential update in the works? From what I can see, the T-Mo SGS4 on MDL operates a-ok w/o any hiccups.
  5. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    I think the OP is making a reference that the Verizon/AT&T/Sprint S4 all received an ota this week that brought apps2sd back to the device, but T-mobile hasn't. It puzzling to say the least.
  6. clickerman

    clickerman Member

    The update is also supposed to use less memory and have reduced lag.
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  7. danielary29

    danielary29 Well-Known Member

    I thought everyone was waiting for the t-mobile update that lets you move apps to sd its already been released in the uk
  8. gs32013

    gs32013 Member

    thanks for backing me up :)
  9. sincarafan

    sincarafan Well-Known Member

    I read on a t-mobile support forum that they test all updates before releasing any, so they will release it when the testing is done I guess. Who knows when that will be though.
  10. motoracer1486

    motoracer1486 Well-Known Member

    Of course they do...every carrier does. It'd be suicide if they didn't.
  11. sincarafan

    sincarafan Well-Known Member

    Not always. If an update from samsung drops sometimes the carriers release it right away. Verizon is known to do it.

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