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  1. KenB123

    KenB123 Member

    My contract expires soon and I am considering a new phone. Problem is that I have not been real happy with the Galaxy S2. On paper it is a great phone design, but as an actual working device I have had my complaints (e.g., poor GPS, short battery charge, random restarts, random application launches, etc). I would like to get someone's input who went from a S2 to the S4. As a former S2 owner, I am sure you are aware of some of the issues I have mentioned. Have they worked out these issues with the S4? Is it a worthwhile upgrade going to a S4? Or should I look at an iPhone?


  2. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    I have done just this and I have an iPhone 5 as well so I can make a fair comparison.

    No phone is perfect and some people will always find something to complain about but I have been very pleased with the upgrade and I much prefer my S4 to my iPhone 5.

    The battery life is better but still not great, although all smartphones have poor battery life. One big advantage of the S4 compared to the iPhone is that you can carry a spare battery around and swapping over only takes a minute and instantly doubles your battery life. My S2 did occasionally restart randomly (although not often) but my S4 has never done that. The GPS on my S2 always worked fine as does the GPS on my S4, which does seem to get a lock a bit more quickly. I have never had applications randomly start on either phone.

    If you are happy with Android and preferred the S2 to the iPhone 4, then the S4 is likely to suit you. The S4 has moved on more from the S2 than the iPhone 5 has from the iPhone 4. I have had no regrets upgrading and I love my S4 even more than my S2, and I was pretty keen on that too.
  3. Ageless Stranger

    Ageless Stranger Well-Known Member

    I upgraded from the S2 to the S4 and I don't regret it at all. I haven't experienced any of the issues you described, in fact the battery life is awesome. I used to have to charge my S2 at least once during the day, and with the same usage on the S4 I charge it when I go to bed at night.
  4. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    Got to say the same as others here, I didn't experience the problems you did(except occasional random reboots, solved with upgrades in software for me) certainly the s4 has had none of these. I was initially slightly disappointed with it only due to expectations, since more mods have become available through rooting I'm very happy with the s4 and battery life is a lot better(nearly double the size of battery!) And as lotus said, you can swap batteries over and be restarted in under a minute!
  5. KenB123

    KenB123 Member

    I appreciate the replies. It appears there have been some improvements (and satisfied owners) so I will at least keep the S4 in contention for an upgrade.
  6. (G)

    (G) Well-Known Member

    Do it. I went from an S2 to an S4 also, and, just like the above posters, love my S4. My S2 was getting "weird" on me (no restarts, but randomly alarms wouldn't sound, the GPS wouldn't lock, etc.). So far the S4 (which I've had since April) has been solid.
  7. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    What version of Android is the S2 currently running?
  8. (G)

    (G) Well-Known Member

    I was still running Froyo on mine before I upgraded.
  9. Goodspike

    Goodspike Well-Known Member

    Well that alone would be a reason to upgrade! ;)

    I almost wish I'd never bought my Nexus 7, because that made me want to upgrade my phone. I resisted for almost a year, but it was hard to do.
  10. atmasters

    atmasters Well-Known Member

    I just came from the S2 and the S2 was a good phone for me. It had its little issues sometimes but it never broke down like iphones did. I love my S4 it is a great upgrade from the S2 lots a great features.
  11. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm pretty sure it would have been gingerbread as I'm sure that's what the s2 came with as stock, however it would most definitely be worth upgrading it to jellybean as it's superb! Even my fussy Mrs loves my old s2 with jellybean despite considering asking me to downgrade it to gingerbread as that is what she was used to on her galaxy w :)
  12. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    I went from an Infuse (unofficially an "S1" and came with Froyo) to the S4. The UI will be familiar, but it's a quantum leap forward. I have always rooted my phones in the past to gain control over funtionality that was missing. I see no need with Jelly Bean - it does everything I need!
  13. Lanky

    Lanky Well-Known Member Contributor

    I too came from the Infuse (which I consider the SG 1&1/2). I was thinking myself about upgrading to the IPhone. The 4 main reasons that I went with the GS4 are:
    1. Bigger screen.
    2. You can remove the battery and replace with a spare.
    3. You can increase the internal memory via a micro SD card
    4. You can transfer files via Bluetooth on Androids, but not with Iphones.

    There are numorous other reasons why I chose the S4, but the bottom line is that you'll be much happier with the S4.

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