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  1. johnbrain

    johnbrain Well-Known Member

    Supposedly they threw the "On" switch today. Except Android is not officially supported there have been reports Android users have it working as well.

    I am trying touchdown for exchange 2.X and at least got the email from hotmail detecting I was trying to access it.

    Any luck from others? I care alot more about this than OTA. I'm rooted ;)

  2. ColinN

    ColinN Member

  3. airjordan223

    airjordan223 Well-Known Member

    I just use hotmail with the HTC mail app that came with the phone. Works fine and gives notifications in the bar.
  4. ColinN

    ColinN Member

    Unfortunately that uses the POP protocol, which is pretty naff.
  5. airjordan223

    airjordan223 Well-Known Member

    whats wrong with POP protocol?
  6. ColinN

    ColinN Member

    It doesn't sync fully, so if you delete a message on the phone it doesn't delete on the web server, you can't have folders syncing, can't have contacts and calendar syncing.
  7. serpentine009

    serpentine009 Well-Known Member

  8. johnbrain

    johnbrain Well-Known Member

    I downloaded the stock android email apk and it works. Like a charm. But I don't like the basic UI, limited functionality and only can download 3 months email I think. I don't keep many emails but some date back longer.

    So I downloaded Touchdown's Exchange for 2.0 and it works like a charm but takes a little finesse to set up.

    You need to add "\" befoore your email address, which Android Email does by default on that exchange server.

    If somebody can recommend a screen capture app I'll try to put up the settings.

    Touchdown is free for 30 days. I intend to pay the $20 after that. It's worth it to me.
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  9. 1+9+8+7

    1+9+8+7 Member

    How did you guys get touchdown working? Seems a great app but cant seem to get it working. What settings did you change/set? There seems a lot and I'm not 100% sure what it requires hot hotmail exchnage autosync?
  10. drako

    drako Member

    The apps in the market don't work. There's a beta version of Touchdown that works wonderfully. Go here:

    Installing the latest beta - NitroDesk TouchDown | Google Groups
  11. drako

    drako Member

    Now it's time for me to ask a question - does anyone know of any apps that support multiple ActiveSync accounts simultaneously?? And don't say Touchdown - while touchdown can be configured for multiple Exchange accounts (via multiple profiles), it can't receive push e-mail to them at the same time. Does this capability exist anywhere?

    I have Touchdown and Roadsync running at the same time to serve this purpose but the demos will expire eventually and I'm not terribly impressed with Roadsync for a number of reasons.
  12. johnbrain

    johnbrain Well-Known Member

    BTW Touchdown supports full htm email and pinch to zoom. Sorry can;t answer your question about multiple activesync accounts simultaneously.

    For settings, username is

    but email needs a "\"

  13. serpentine009

    serpentine009 Well-Known Member

    Tested and Stock Email APK works but functionality stinks. HTC Mail is still a no go for Hotmail Activesync on 2.2
  14. joelkirzner

    joelkirzner Active Member

    Ok, it looks like hotmail updated their email service for android because I am now seeing emails being deleted on both my phone and on the computer... so the active exchange sync is now working.

    2 days ago, the entire hotmail system was down for many android users including myself. I suspected they were updating their email system and yesterday, the system was back up.

    I deleted my hotmail account and redid it with just the pop protocol and I'm getting the full functionality of having emails syncing on the server and on the phone.

    I'm so happy I don't need to double delete emails now!
  15. bjanow

    bjanow Well-Known Member

    How the heck did you figure that out? It works great, I have the full TD version w/ multiple EAS accounts. Thanks a lot.
  16. bjanow

    bjanow Well-Known Member

    Only thing I found that will do that is a Blackberry. I do miss that but have grown accustomed to syncing multiple accounts one by one. Not optimal, however.
  17. serpentine009

    serpentine009 Well-Known Member

    I can't get Touchdown to work at all. Even with the "\" before user id and email.

    RoadSync needs more features. It is hard to decipher new emails from ones just sitting in inbox. Also you can't use many of the Calendar widgets because it uses its own calendar system as opposed to utilizing the Android system.

    Was really looking forward to EAS Hotmail...but oh well, I guess.
  18. johnbrain

    johnbrain Well-Known Member

    I think I read it somewhere. Then when I tried setting things up in touchdown it did it automatically although I still had other issues. So I deleted all settings, and instead of letting touchdown do any settings I configured it myself. Everything worked from the get go.

    I agree MS may have tweaked their servers. I was without data for a few days until Monday. TD showed it was syncing but I got nothing. So I deleted all settings and re-configured. Good to go. oddly enough it also reset my 30 day trial :) I do intend to pay. This app is great.

    Full html. Pinch to zoom etc
  19. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    ok finally got touchdown to work now :) thanks!
  20. serpentine009

    serpentine009 Well-Known Member

    Can you post step by step?

    This is what I did to no avail:

    Email: \ (hotmail hosted activesync account)
    PW: password
    User ID: \
    Domain: BLANK
    SSL: Yes
    Activesync, Exchange 2003 and 2007 all checked

    The log reads that configuration failed. I tried removing the "\" and then both combinations of it in user id but not in email and vice versa.
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  21. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    dont put the \ for the email, just the user id
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  22. serpentine009

    serpentine009 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply...but it didn't work. I am just going to give up for now.

    EDIT: Can't configure server, but I see some contacts and some mail. It's very strange. In the manual settings section, when I add the "\" it automatically takes it out when I hit save and then checks the box (this is my email)

    EDIT 2: Found an article that recommends the BETA found here

    Trying now.

    EDIT 3: It worked. Thanks.
  23. Blue-Moon

    Blue-Moon New Member

    I get email to sync but I cant get contacts to sync. I even tried the Beta and zero. Other than Touchdown I used roadsync, it worked fine but it only allows for 1 exchange profile. is there a BETTER app that does multi exchange sync that works with Hotmail?
  24. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    the vanilla email works on for me for now. Not sure about contact sync but i think it will work too
  25. drako

    drako Member

    When you say "vanilla email" are you referring to the HTC Mail app, or some stock Android app? If the latter, how do I get it to work with my DInc? I have Froyo, not rooted...

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