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    Hey guys, i'm attempting to use to build a site for my artwork and I was just wondering, if anyone knows how to link to an internal part of your site. Like on my home page, i want to link to my bio section of my site.

    instead of using the < a href = "" > link < / a> set up, is there a way to not use the whole www . . . .thing?

    thanks guys!


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    Jul 30, 2010
    If the bio page lives in the same directory as your home page you can just name the page in the link:
    < a href = "bio.html" > link < / a>

    If it's in another directory it gets trickier. Here's a page that goes into details about relative links:
    How to Make Relative Links
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    FYI - It'd be much easier to just use a CMS system so you can focus on the content and not worry about the actual "behind the scenes" side. HTML is pretty limited in what it can do so if you ever plan on introducing more "features" to your site then you'll need to learn a web language such as PHP.
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