Anyone want to recommend me a car cradle :)

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  1. optimusp517

    optimusp517 New Member

    Too many options. I'd love to have a vent mount, but window mount works too, but which would you guys recommend? Something clean and simple. :)

  2. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

    same here - i've been looking for one that recharges the phone while it's cradled - had a cradle for my ericsson that had a male plug at bottom, with lead going to charger - figure it'll be nice to keep the phone charging while using as a GPS
  3. smitty24

    smitty24 Well-Known Member

  4. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    i bought a universal one from ebay.. universal, so that i may be able to use it for my itouch or my mytouch3g phone
  5. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

    already have the Proclip base for my tundra's dash - was going to just get an epik holster, and fiberglass in a section that holds the mini-usb connector from the Tmobile car charger - then noticed their holster is meant to hold the phone with the screen facing in for protection - which wouldn't do me any good for use as GPS in car

    but neat part their holster was made for their silicone gel case cover -
    back to the drawing boards

    in someways i miss that sony ericsson - even had a built in connection for antenna extension that automatically connected to the phone when you dropped it into the cradle
  6. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    now that you mention the silicone cover. anyone know of a belt case that would fit the mytouch with a silicone case? i cant find any
  7. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

  8. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    those cases look like a gel material while the case i have now is silicone.. i may go and buy both pieces but do you see what they said... 5 weeks for delivery? holy crap
  9. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

    not sure if you confused their "map" with shipping indications or i did, but typed onto the North america area was 2-3 weeks

    believe the 5 weeks was for central / south america
  10. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    it says it at the top of the screen when you first login
  11. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

    you must have been looking at a different pix than the one i was
  12. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    there is another one scrolling at the top that says due to the holiday season it will take 5 weeks. and longer for the uk because of there postal strike
  13. tmmarsh81

    tmmarsh81 New Member

    I ordered one from this seller on 3/01/10 I'll post when I recieve it. I am figuring 2 weeks. (It IS FedEx, they are pretty quick)

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