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    Playstore link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.stefanpledl.beat

    • Free & no Ads
    • First music player app that had floating controls like the fb-chatheads.
    • This is a pure FOLDER player (albums and artits is integrated, but again the whole folder where the artist/album is found will be shown!).
    • You can stream music from Dropbox and Google Drive.

    I developed this for my personal use, so if you want more features, please let me know, but I might not add them :p.

    The app is fully customizable: Different list styles, colors, sizes.



    Code (Text):
    2. [COLOR="Red"](done, testing) - shuffle/repeat not sticking after app restart
    3. (done, testing) - small cover not displayed, when switching from cloud to device
    4. + showing small cover placeholder if no cover is found, because it is clickable now (jumps to currently playing folder)
    5. (done, testing) - song name sometimes not displayed in notification / on lock screen
    6. [/COLOR]- placeholder image might be sized wrong when the cover size is changed until the view is reloaded
    7. - app needs to be active for widget to work
    8. - cloud playback: no fwd/rwd + force close
    9. - incoming sms pauses the playback


    Code (Text):
    2. 1.1.01:
    3. - covers displayed per file not per folder (if set in tag)
    5. 1.1.0:
    6. - fixed source spinner immediately closing
    7. - versioning changed
    9. 1.37:
    10. - fixed crash when switching to external storage
    12. 1.35:
    13. - cover in floating controls optimized
    15. 1.34:
    16. - fixed a couple of force closes
    17. - covers displayed in floating controls instead of the icon
    18. - font sizes should be fixed
    20. 1.30:
    21. - fixed Equalizer after breaking it in 1.28
    23. 1.28:
    25.  Reduced for all devices because it causes memory errors on devices with big screens
    26.  I will handle the picture resolution properly in the next updates
    28. - fix: covers from tags was disabled
    29. - fix: force close (pictures too big on huge screens to fit in memory)
    30. - fix: slide up panel not 'slideable' after reopening the app after a while
    31. - fix: rare crash when bastboost is enabled on some devices
    32. - fix: rare crash when switching songs with floating controls
    34. 1.27:
    35. - fix: song name in notification only updates when songs are switched from the notification (2)
    37. 1.26:
    39. - fix: rare force close 1
    40. - fix: rare force close 2
    41. - fix: next song not playing, when switched from 'on device' to 'cloud' and back to 'on device'
    42. - fix: song name in notification only updates when songs are switched from the notification
    Code (Text):
    3. [COLOR="Red"](done, testing) swiping up/down in slideup-panel to quickly change volume
    4. (done, testing) animating the top cover image a bit (l,r,u,d, scaling)
    5. (done, testing) tapping the now-playing cover to jump to playing folder
    6. [/COLOR]
    7. - other cloud services (Box, Copy, ...), if there is an Android API for the service, I will look into adding it
    8. - tablet + landscape layouts
    9. - random playback from all songs
    10. - include subfolders to playback/playlists
    11. - display all songs
    12. - option to additionally display info - such as album name on folders
    13. - check if it is possible to map keyboard keys (e.g. via USB) to functions in app (shuffle/repeat, etc.)


    I didn't remove the 'buy ad removal' option, when I removed the ads, you could purchase that in the app (it's a subscription, tho).

    bitcoin: 16u61172ABPD4uQg1Qx2Ajt8NZ96VYsYbd
    paypal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=8Q8VHXWH56EQS

    Drummer's Metronome:


    Set Volumes for Acc, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, Triols
    Chose Samples for Acc, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, Triols
    Use the built-In Samples or load custom Samples (WAV Mono)
    A huge Optonome
    Samples can be edited (Length, Pitch, Decay, Attack)
    Metronome Settings can be saved and managed in lists
    10-280 BPM, 3/4 or 4/4


    My homepage:
    Drummer's Metronome - The best Metronome for Drummers on Android!

    Holo Metronome:

    Playstore link:

    It is free, robust, easy to use and the best feature it has: I am still actively developing it. So if you have an idea which should be implemented or find a bug, it usually takes only a couple of hours until I have an update ready.

    The app is divided into multiple screens:
    • JUST BPM: either tap the speed or use one of the many buttons to adjust it
    • ADVANCED: change ticks per beat, beats per bar, turn on vibrate or mute
    • INDICATOR: one single screen for a huge beat counter
    • Magic Wheel: a drum teacher told me that it might be good for his students to have a metronome which would increase the speed over time, so I added the magic wheel. Set the starting BPM at

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    DrumBox(BETA) added + some minor bugfixes
  3. RainGame

    RainGame New Member

    well this seems pretty cool!
  4. dakdroid

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    New UI, see first posts.
    I am currently working on a "Manage DrumBox Patterns" option, which will make it possible to save/load/delete different patterns.
    Syncing the patterns over GDrive will be implemented aswell.
  5. dakdroid

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    To those who downloaded Drummer's Metronome:
    I can see 2 force closes but I cannot reproduce these.
    I can only tell that they happened when the volumes were changed.
    If that happened to YOU please contact me:
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  7. dakdroid

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    Beta 1.4.3 is on the way
    o Promo Codes in the Changelog
    o Overall Snapiness improved
    o Timer added
    o Continuous measure count added
    o No more loading popups and UI blocking (progress is shown in the ActionBar)
    o Faster startup
    o List rename and "Save As" added
    o and a couple more changes + bugfixes
    o (Database backup to Google Drive deactivated for now)

    If the app force closes, please hit send report.
    If you find a bug, please comment here!

    To get beta updates from the Playstore:
    Join this community: https://plus.google.com/communities/113568410006610080217
    Opt-in here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/de.stefanpledl.drummersmetronome
    Unfortunately you won't be able to opt-in without joining the community. Blaim Google for it...
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    beat added

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