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    Quixer - Instant File Sharing

    The version here can now upload and share files up to 50MB's!(Pro can share up to 1GB files)

    Quixer is an application I made to help speed up file sharing for developers and users alike. It allows instant transfers of online files and file transfers from your device. Quixer will only transfer files instantly to other devices that have Quixer installed. The Ad Supported version is available here, as well as on the market. The more users who download and install it, the bigger the Quixer network will become. I just ask that if you download it here, and you like it, you give a good rating in the Play Store! Below is a listing of instructions for use, and a brief overview of how it works. Enjoy, and please leave feedback/feature requests!

    Instant Sharing Is Quick and Easy. You can share from the browser, by long pressing an image or link and selecting share, or you can also share by uploading your on-device content straight to the cloud. Once uploaded, you can select your recipient and the download will begin immediately on their device!

    All Quixer downloads go under "/sdcard/quixer", so they are easy to find. Also, if you plan to use the "Upload And Share" option, the max upload size for free users is 50MB's per file. Pro users can upload and share up to 1GB files. However, you are free to share and upload as many files as you want. The uploaded files will be removed once every day at 12:00 AM Eastern Time, since this is not meant to be a permanent file hosting solution. I hope you enjoy Quixer, whether Ad Supported, or Pro! And please, leave feedback! Thanks : )​


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    The OP now holds a direct download to an Ad-Supported Pro version of Quixer. Hopefully that will cause some of you to take some more interest! It doesn't hurt to try it fellas!
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    Quixer has been completely re-themed and now includes swiping from screen to screen! Also, some of the components on the back end were cleaned up.
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    The version of Quixer here can now upload and share a file up to 50MB's in size! Pro users can now also share files up to 1GB in size.

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