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  1. gapipro

    gapipro New Member

    Control BSPlayer from your armchair!

    BSRemote is a BSPlayer remote control application for Android smartphones. It allows you to
    - control the volume (mute)
    - control playback status (play, pause, stop)
    - seek movie position
    - browse and select a movie file for playback
    - manage a playlist
    - load subtitles

    Additionaly, it features
    - full screen toggle
    - timed host computer shutdown
    - recent played videos list
    - start BSplayer on first command
    - exit BSplayer

    There are two components to BSRemote: the Android application package (.apk) and the host server application. You can download both of them on our home page or use the Android Market for the smartphone component.



  2. gapipro

    gapipro New Member

    New version is available on market.

    Change log (1.2.0):
    - added sort by date/name
    - added ascending/descending sort
    - more elegant way for switching panels
    - added support for audio files
    - added few new options in settings panel
    - fixed few bugs

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